Competitions Portal

Fencing at Bath is very flexible. Running inclusive training sessions, and with great socials on top of that, we're a great club for social fencing. We do, however, also have our competitive side.  Whatever level of fencer you are, here at Bath we can provide an avenue to test skills newly learned, or long developed, in a competitive environment.

  • For advanced fencers, we have two men's teams and one women's team who compete nationally against other University fencing teams in BUCS leagues, as well as representing the University individually at the annual BUCS championships.
  • Intermediate fencers are regularly tested against community clubs and nearby Universities in friendly competitions, alongside handicap competitions and other light hearted challenges within the club itself. We also run a development squad for those beginner and intermediate fencers looking to make it onto BUCS teams in the future. 
  • We very much enjoy running our two beginners only competitions every year. These are always fantastic events held in great spirit which showcase how quickly you can learn to fence here at Bath, even if you had never heard of fencing before University. 

We are also a club with a dizzying array of internationally acclaimed fencers, past and present. Several of our members travel to indivdual competitions throughout the year, and the potential for club outings to individual competitions is always high.

BUCS Team Trials/Pre-Season Training 

For those who have fenced before and are interested in being part of the BUCS teams, we have pre-season training to gauge both numbers and abilities, as well as to get competition-ready at the start of each academic year.

If you can't make pre-season training, but wish to be considered for BUCS team places, please get in touch!