We are fortunate to have 2 successful mixed golf squads that take part in BUCS league matches. This is a great opportunity to travel around the country and experience enjoyable competitive golf. Whilst we love to win and always want to do the best we can, having a fun and friendly environment is our main priority.

In order to take part in BUCS matches you need to take part in the squad trial on 12/10/2022 and pay the BUCS Membership Fee

1st Team

Our 1st team are in the Southern Premier League - The highest league in the South of Britain

There is a high standard of competiton within this league, typically handicaps would be low single figures and below - but not limited to this 

The team consists of 8 players + 1 reserve. Matches are played on Sundays

Opposition Universities Include: 

  • Bournemouth
  • Loughborough
  • Nottingham
  • Birmingham
  • Swansea
  • Exeter

2nd Team

Our 2nd team are in the Western Tier 1 League - The league below the 1st team

There standard of competiton within this league is lower than the southern premier league, but contains many good high level players. Typically handicaps would be mid-single figures - but not limited to this!

The team consists of 6 players + 1 reserve. Matches are played on Wednesdays

Opposition Universities Include: 

  • Bournemouth (2nd's & 3rd's)
  • Hartpury
  • Exeter (2nd's & 3rd's)


If you have any questions about either of our squads please email su-golf@bath.ac.uk