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Freshers Trials 2021

Trials for the golf squads will take place on the 13th October 2021 at Bath Golf Club

- Time 2:30pm

To sign up for trials please fill in the form below!!!

University of Bath Golf Trials 2021-2022 (

Trial will consist of 9 holes around the golf course giving new students an opportunity to demonstrate their ability whilst meeting existing members of the golf society. 

There are 14 positions available (8 first team, 6 second team) plus 2 reserves - there may be an opportunity for more people to be apart of the squad due to availabilities etc.

The Club is also open to any incoming post-graduates or returning students not previously part of the Club.

Please note any incoming student seeking to play BUCS Golf must attend trials.

If due to external circumstances this is not possible please email the Chair - Steve Stanhope (