Training sessions 2019/20

IMPORTANT: You MUST be a member of the club to come to trining after the taster session. Sign up on the home page!

These sessions are suitable for all abilities and are completely free for members! The facilities are excellent (sprung floor, bars, beam, vault, air-track, super-bouncy trampoline, and foam pit!). We start by warming up with a gentle jog and some stretching. We then join our coaches for 'lines' where we run through basic moves across the floor in lines, hence the name. On Mondays training is more structured with members being grouped by ability level and moving around between 'stations' to practice different skills under the supervision of a coach. On Thursdays training is independent, more on that below.

There will be team leaders in each group to give support and to answer any questions.

Check out the 'Media' page for a video showing a typical session at Baskerville's!

Main training session runs every Monday 9:00 PM to 10:15 PM and is open to all members.

Open training runs Thursday evenings 9:15 PM to 10.15 PM and is by invitation only as there are no dedicated coaches available so you will have to be able to train independently. If you are new to gymnastics at university you'll be able to come along once you have learned some basic skills and can safely train independently.

Strength and Conditioning 

We will be running regular Strength and Conditioning sessionsthroughout the year. They will be suitable for all abilities and will be ran by your wondeful committee! Keep an eye on the Facebook page for more information.

Tuesday evenings - Founders' Hall  9 PM to 10 PM 

Sunday afternoon - Dojo in the STV 12 noon to 2pm

City of Bristol Gymnastics Centre

Bristol sessions cater for intermediate/advanced gymnasts and the facilities are world-class (see pictures below). You can buy 5 sessions for £30 with a student card or pay £7 per session. Beginners are more than welcome to come to these sessions but they are less structured and more 'freestyle' so it is best to come to a few Thursday sessions first to find your feet. We rely on student-owned cars to get to these sessions so if you are lucky enough to have one please let us know so we can be your friend! We always pay our drivers petrol money so no one is out of pocket. 

There are weekly posts on our Facebook about Bristol if we are going, just comment that you're interested in coming and you can bag yourself a seat in a car.