What's It All About?

Participating in activities at all levels involves a degree of risk. Participants as individuals, committees and the Students' Union as a whole have a responsibility to anticipate possible hazards and to do everything possible to reduce the likelihood and severity of any hazard. The information here endeavours to inform members of the requirements that the Students' Union has put in place and how members can fulfill those requirements and meet their duty of care to themselves and their colleagues.

Students' Union Health & Safety Online Training

Useful resources during Covid

We have created several health and safety procedures for when you are wanting to manage your activities in a safe way during the pandemic. If you cannot find what you need from the below please do get in touch with the relevant area in the SU.

  • SU Groups Covid-19 Risk Assessment- This provides guidance on general COVID-19 procedures to be followed by all SU Groups. Please take information from this and update your group's risk assessment with any applicable points so that your standard group activities are run safely. Once you've updated your standard risk assessment, please send that version over to the relevant SU area
  • Event Planner - YOU MUST COMPLETE THIS WHEN WANTING TO DELIVER EITHER A VIRTUAL OR A FACE TO FACE EVENT. The planner will guide you through all the different aspects of your event, such as contracts, finances, venues and risk assessments. It will provide the SU with all the information they need to support you with your activity. The SU can only authorise your event if the planner is completed and then agreed by the relevant SU area. 
  • Test and Trace
  • SU Groups Risk Assessment for Cleaning Equipment
  • Stores and Equipment Risk Assessment - Use and Cleaning
  • Under Deck Stores Normal Operating Procedure (NOP)
  • The Edge Induction- If you are wanting to book space in The Edge then please take a look at this useful document. The information includes guidance on how many people are physically allowed in each room during the pandemic and support when needing to complete the risk assessments linked to those spaces. 
  • Dartmouth Combat RA and NOP

**For the most up to date Government advice go to https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus **

Useful resources during Covid specific to Sports

**For the most up to date Government advice go to https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus **

Downloadable Forms and Guides 

Policies and Procedures