Welcome, I’m glad you found us.

We are Engineers Without Borders.

Who are we? Good question.

EWB is a community with one mission: to use engineering to ensure a safe and just future for all. EWB Bath is one branch of that international community! Our job at university is to educate others, and to inspire people to put global responsibility and sustainability at the heart of engineering and design.

Even though we’re all about engineering, not all our members are engineers. We acknowledge that saving the world is a goal that requires the skills and talents of every kind of person.

Now then, let me fill you in.

Globally responsible innovation. That is what EWB has been striving for. That is how we believe we can complete our mission.

Let’s break this down.

GLOBAL is about recognising that we are all citizens of one planet and that our actions affect the lives of others.

RESPONSIBLE is about consistently applying social and environmental considerations wherever we are.

INNOVATION is about using creative solutions as a catalyst to significantly alter the world around us and the way we live our lives.

If we can do this, we’ll be promoting sustainable and human-centred approaches to design in all aspects of our lives. It’ll make the world a better place.

We also strongly dislike borders.

You may have been able to tell.

In the context of university life, the borders we’re talking about are people in our community. We’re talking about people in the university that aren’t one of EWB. We’re talking about people in the city of Bath. That’s why we try our best to reach out and build friendships with people wherever we go.

With our Outreach Programme, we visit local schools to inspire the next generation and show young people how they can be part of the solution by engaging with STEM and being more globally responsible citizens.

When you become a part of EWB, you will be an ambassador for STEM and for the society. You’ll be given opportunities to help run fun workshops in local classrooms and at science fairs. You will develop new, important skills and confidence while helping to make a difference to other people’s lives.

But that’s not all!

We’re also introducing our Inreach Programme.

What on Earth is that?

Am I glad you asked!

We will host all sorts of events to remind you that there are others around. There are people like you, people who believe that they can be a part of something greater. There are people who believe that they can truly help make a difference.

So what’s this Inreach Programme about?

This year, our team has some challenges planned for the society! Get ready for exciting designathons, regular design sprints and other secret challenges yet to be announced.

DISCLAIMER: These events are not going to test you to the extent that engineering courses will. We’re here for fun!

We also have a brand-new, never-been-seen-before EWB email/newsletter story!

Of course, engineers are still humans, despite what the rest of the world may think. That’s why we are arranging several socials throughout the year, either to talk about real-world engineering problems, or just to hang out with other EWB members. 

So then… are you ready?

This society is about bringing together people who want to change the world. This academic year is going to fly by and we’ve got a lot planned. Are you going to join? Are you ready?

Help us ensure a safe and just future for all.


We look forward to seeing you!


Name Role
Clara Hamel Chair
Abheeshu Jain Secretary
Anjali Santhakumar Treasurer
William Cope Social Secretary
James Wainwright Welfare Secretary
Serafima Klimenko Events Manager
Auj Abbas The Marketer
Luke Stagno Navarra Outreach Officer
Katiana Mardinian Wellness and Inclusivity Officer


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