Engineers Without Borders UK

"There is no planet B"

Who we are

The Engineers Without Borders UK story began in 2001 when a group of students at Cambridge University were inspired by one of the founders of Engineers Without Borders Canada.  However, the first Engineers Without Borders organisation was established in France in 1982, followed in the 1990s by entirely separate organisations in Spain and Italy. This was followed by rapid expansion and there are now more than 60 Engineers Without Borders organisations around the world.

All Engineers Without Borders organisations are independent of each other, and operate in different ways, but they are united by a common belief that engineering should be about solving problems for people.

What we do

Engineers Without Borders UK runs a number of ongoing initiatives both in the UK and around the world. Through these initiatives we are leading an agenda to change how we inspire people to become engineers, how our future engineers are educated and how practicing engineers can apply their skills to make a positive contribution as responsible global citizens.

Our strategy

People, everywhere deserve a world where they can achieve their potential and live healthy, happy lives. The reality today is far from this and many of us still lack access to basic services. All of us are at risk from resource constraints, the effects of climate change, increasing urbanisation and  a global population that is rapidly expanding. 

We know that engineering is the solution. We know that engineering is capable of addressing global challenges and enabling sustainable human development. Engineers Without Borders UK is using engineering as the catalyst for the change that the world needs.

We are leading a growing movement for change and we need your support. This strategy serves as a call to action for engineers, for the engineering community and for the whole of society.

Our vision a world where people everywhere have equal access to the benefits of engineering.

Our mission to lead a movement that inspires, enables and influences global responsibility through engineering.

Our objectives

1. To inspire people at all skill levels about the principles and potential of ethical, environmentally sound and culturally sensitive engineering
2. To enable people to use and develop their engineering capabilities to address global challenges
3. To influence the engineering community to lead by example and make a positive contribution as responsible global citizens.
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