What We Do

The University of Bath Karate Club (UBKC) has been established at Bath for over 20 years. We are a dynamic and successful club with a great social atmosphere. We are open to everyone, regardless of fitness, experience or gender.

The club mainly teaches a style of Karate called Shotokan Karate, though we have coaches from a variety of different styles including Shotokan, Wado-Ryu, and Shito-Ryu. We are focused on building our Karate society so that all members from different styles feel that they can train under the club. 

Whether you are new or returning to karate, you are welcome join in our sessions! The club offers regular training which allows you to:

  • Learn techniques - effective ways to block, strike, punch kick etc.
  • Improve fitness - get in shape with our fitness training.
  • Build confidence - perform katas (forms) or kumite (fighting) at competitions in front of people.
  • Learn self-defence - control an attacker and defend yourself in the street.
  • Experienced coaches who are on hand to help guide you and teach you in learning and applying various techniques.

Not ready to join, but interested in finding out more? We can keep you up to date with training and events via Instagram or Facebook. Just hit the icons on the left to follow or join our pages!

As a diverse club, we ensure that training is flexible to allow you to learn new and different things from other members.

Everyone is here to not only learn a martial art and keep fit, but to meet new people from a variety of different backgrounds and styles of karate. The club holds regular socials to allow members to relax and have fun outside of training. The social atmosphere at training is friendly and everyone (new and returning) is welcome - we're a friendly lot!

Reasons to Join Us

  • Learn a martial art, to get fit and to become more flexible in the process.
  • Release some stress after a hard days work.
  • Experienced and dedicated coaches including international level fighters and specialist fitness coaches.
  • Represent Bath University in competitions across the UK.
  • Active and friendly community.
  • Great social atmosphere both at and outside of training.
  • Cheap and time accessible opportunity to learn a martial art.
  • Support readily available for you for whatever you want to achieve from becoming a part of the UBKC.

Come & Meet Us

Be sure to join our Facebook group for reminders of training sessions; notification of any changes to training sessions; club socials & events.

If you have any questions or concerns, have a look at some frequently asked questions or pop us an email. You can also message a committee member directly (via email or Facebook) as we'll be more than happy to help!

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