Training Times

Training times for Semester 1 are not currently available due to continuous work by the committee to provide the best possible offer to new members. We are waiting on more information from the SU before we can offer specific training times. Please check our Covid-19 page for the current plan for future training sessions.

Once training begins, sessions are often subject to change so please keep an eye on our Facebook group for the most up to date training information

All our sessions are designed to be inclusive to everybody regardless of experience, fitness, gender or underlying health conditions.

What to Wear

We recommend you wear loose fitting comfortable clothes (a t-shirt and track-suit bottoms/shorts/leggings will do). 

Health and Safety

Please ensure that your nails (both hands and feet) are cut short and any jewelry (rings, necklaces, watches etc) are removed or, in the case of ear piecings, taped up before training.  In the case of medical ID necklaces, please let one of the committee members/coaches know about it.