Club Documents

Our Club Constitution

This outlines who we are and what we do as a club, and contains official information about our role as part of the student union, and as individual club committee officers, in matters such as running the club and disciplinary measures. 

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Our Development Targets

This is what our club has achieved over the past few years and what we plan to develop and achieve in the future. Targets include higher membership numbers, improving our success in competition kata and increasing our online presence. 

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Our Risk Assessment

This is an evaluation of any hazards and risk factors that have the potential to cause harm that may arise whilst training. It assesses all the potential risks and the likelihood of them occuring, and what safeguarding measures we take. 

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This is a normal operating procedure which details the guidelines for day-to-day activities or during training sessions. It is based on guidance from the Government and the EKF to ensure that all planned activities are delivered safely.

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