All that’s required to come along and enjoy our sessions are clothes give you flexibility. We’ll provide the rest! However, we do offer both clothing and equipment for those that want their own. 

We do recommend though, that everyone coming to sessions purchases a pair of hand wraps. These can be bought either from Sports Direct, or online, or directly from Mr Tettmar, and cost £2-£3. They provide additional support and protection to the hands and wrist.

For those that wish to spar, gum shields are necessary, and can again be purchased from Sports Direct, Mr Tettmar or online. They cost around £10. Groin guards are also recommended for men. 

Snazzy blue PUMA gear for training and grading can also be purchased from Mr Tettmar. This includes a PUMA standard t-shirt and trousers that are necessary if you want to do gradings, as well as being super snazzy. 

A complete set of PUMA approved Predator Sparring gear can also be purchased from Mr Tettmar for those that wish to buy their own. If you instead want to purchase individual elements, such as gloves, a member of our commitee will be happy to advise on reputable brands and where they can be purchased.