Bath Kickboxing is known for its huge socials, which we hold every two weeks in our favourite bar, and club sponsor, Belushi’s. From the famous White Ninja Welcome Social to the legendary 300 Social, the themes and games constantly change, but they’re all lots of fun and welcome to all. We also get together to watch the biggest fights of the year. Away from Belushi’s, our Social Sec’s, Georgia and Luke also organise regular socials such as meals out and Ice Skating. 



Wednesday 26th February 20:00-00:00, Belushis

THE LOND AWAITED LEGENDARY KICKBOXING 300 SOCIAL IS BACK!!  Dust off your spartan armour, pick up your weapons and join us at Belushi's for a night inspired by the 300 movie, filled with drinking games.

Dress code is a red cape and shorts, or a toga depending on your preference. The night will start with the movie, before you get the chance to take part in a number of challenges to climb the ranks of Sparta. THE CROWNED KING/QUEEN WIL RECIEVE A £10 BELUSHIS BAR TAB.

Non alcoholic options available.