Confidentiality information

We take your confidentiality very seriously at LGBT+, and acknowledge not all our members are out, especially not to everyone in their lives. In fact probably a majority of our members have some people in their lives they would rather not come out to! Here is some information about the steps we take to ensure your confidentiality. If you have feedback about this guide or how to improve our policies please email

Weekly emails

The weekly emails you get when you join and get your free membership. These come from an email address which is not identifiable as LGBT+ related, and do not contain the word ‘LGBT+’ in the subject line, although they do in the body of the email.


The location of our weekly meetings is public and is posted on our emails and Instagram page. The locations of our socials are also posted here too. Some places we visit, such as OMG in Bristol, are LGBT+ venues and are identifiable as such from the outside.

The Discord Group

The Discord group is only available to students at Bath. Only people in the group can see who else is in the group, and the group name, icon and channels names are discreet, so if you receive a notification and someone sees it, they will not be able to tell you are a member of an LGBT+ group. You can add your pronoun preferences on there. Further, there are roles to assign what content of the Discord server you would like to see, and to signal if you are genderfluid (to promote checking pronouns) or closeted. Please email if you would like to be added.

The Public Instagram Account and Events

These are public, and so please do not ‘like’ our Instagram account or click ‘going/interested’ on our events unless you are happy for your Instagram friends to see you have done so.

Social Media

We will never post your photo to social media or tag you in anything without your permission, and we ask our members to do the same. If you are worried about being tagged in photos at gay venues, we recommend you change in Instagram settings 'Privacy and security' section your tag preferences.

Committee confidentiality

The two co-chairs give up their right to confidentiality when they run; anyone in the SU may know who they are and it may be publicly posted. Any other committee members may choose not to be publicly associated with the group, and elections are run using a special system that only allows registered members to see who is running. We recommend getting in contact if you are thinking of running for a position but are worried about being outed.


Ultimately, whatever measures we take there is always a chance that being involved with us could lead to you being outed. Please get in contact if you would like to be involved but have concerns about confidentiality, and we can hopefully support you with this.