Every Thursday during term time we hold a group meeting.  The room, time and topic is listed in our weekly email so make sure you get your membership. Details are also posted on our secret facebook group which you can join by emailing lgbt@bath.ac.uk.

The meetings are up to an hour long and cover a huge variety of topics such as coming out, sexual health, being out in the workplace and being out in sport.  They are a fantastic introduction to the group and a great way to meet other LGBT+ students in a relaxed environment.

You can be completely out, questioning or anything in between - we welcome all LGBT+ students!  Your contribution in meetings is completely up to you, and we won't ever pressure you to share your views.  Many students feel extremely nervous before attending their first meeting - if you'd like to meet committee one on one beforehand so you know someone before we totally understand - drop us an email at lgbt@bath.ac.uk.

Meetings are either hosted by committee or a guest speaker and we’ll release a list of meetings for semester one closer to the start of term.

Feel free to let us know any ideas you have for meetings by emailing lgbt@bath.ac.uk.