The Committee 2012-2013


Robbie King

Hey, I'm Robbie and I'm this years chairman, as well as being in my final year of a degree Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I enjoy getting out in the mountains whenever I can whether it be climbing, walking or scrambling, so expect to see me on lots of trips this year. If you need to know about anything in the club then drop me an email or come down to the Ram on a Thursday night and you can usually guarantee I will be down there with the rest of the mountaineers. ?Contact:



Alice Loudon

Hi, I'm Alice and I'm treasurer of the club this year. I joined mountaineering in my first year because I really wanted to learn how to climb! When I'm not climbing you can find me in the architecture studios, usually drinking tea and telling everyone about how amazing Scotland is. Come and visit me or email if you have any questions! ??Contact:


Club Secretary

Adam Griffin

Hello Mountaineers, I'm Adam and I will be Club Secretary this year. I'll be making sure the club runs smoothly this year as well as driving and first aiding for the club. Originally coming from far off Zimbabwe I have now lived in Sheffield for 7 years. I am totally addicted to Gritstone, and climbing in general, and have racked up a fair amount of experience through my 2 years with the club. I was Social Sec last year and was pretty gutted to have left the position so expect to see me at the Ram every week, and in Moles whenever I'm not snowed under in the Mech Eng department. ?Contact:


Climbing Secretary

Paul Poudevigne-Durance

So you know my name (aka Le Paul) and you know my position (aka the guy who climbs), but what you probably don't know is what I am. I'm the guy who's gonna help you live your dreams, that is, only if you want to live the wildest adventures in your life. Uni is all about fun and games (and a tiny bit of study) and it's going to be my job to get you out there and living it. Cause in the end that's all I am, I'm just a climber who's doing a NatSci degree for the fun of it. Not the other way around. When I climb, I don't try, I do! And if that doesn't work, I die trying (yet to happen). Am I ready for this responsibility? I was born ready! The real question is, are you? Are you ready to live your dreams? ??Contact:


Walking Secretary

Tom Barrett

'Hello Bath mountaineers, I'm Tom and I'll be your walking sec for the coming year. If you have any questions or queries about walking on our weekend trips, day rips or local walking with the club in our beautiful city, then don't hesitate to e-mail or catch up with me down the ram! I'm originally from the rolling hills of Surrey and am currently in my second year of studying Politics with Economics at Bath; however hiking, scrambling (and yes, a little climbing every now and again) come first, so I hope to see you out and about in the mountains soon! ??Contact:


Gear Secretary

Beth McKendrick

Hey I'm Beth and I'm your gear sec this year. Originally from Swindon, Wiltshire, I'm a second year pharmacologist with a fondness for cider and chocolate and these can be used as payment for fines incurred due to late gear return. I'm a keen climber, walker, scrambler, and camper and love going on trips with the club. I'm a cheerful lass, so come find me if you need to chat about gear or anything else :) ?Contact: 


Social Secretary

Caroline Webb

??????Contact: ???


Web Secretary

George Stevens

Hi I'm George and I am a 4th year physicist from Guildford. This is my second year as Web Sec and it's my job to make sure the website is always running, create pages and be a general go-to man for any technical problems you may have on our site. I enjoy walking, climbing and everything in between, and can often be found down the pub after a long day in the mountains. Going on trips with the club has greatly improved my mountaineering skills and I look forward to the coming years trips. ?Contact:


Voting Member

Will Pope

My name doesn't matter (it's written above)?but come with me now and put on your gloves?and follow me into white winter blizzards,?or to Fontainbleau with its sun drenched lizards.??Moving vertically became my passion?up some granite or limestone vertical wall,?since some 3 years ago I realised: "smashing!"?stairs had become no challenge at all.??I'm happy to share with you all that I know?on climbing rock or choss, or ice, or snow.?But remember only I consider it A-OK?to clip an ice-axe in the belay.


Voting Member

Geoff Pyatt

A creature with terrible claws?and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws??he has knobbly knees and turned out toes?and a poisonous wart at the end of his nose.?His eyes are orange, his tongue is black,?he has purple prickles all over his back 


Voting Member

Jon Ridley

Serial climber and downhiller; also has interest in mountaineering, slacklining, taking photos and making stuff. Frequently found on two wheels. I suppose you might describe me as a thrill seeker; I'll rarely say no to an adventure... try me.??