Welcome to Walking

We offer a wide range of walking activities within the club and hope to provide you with all the skills you need to get out and about on your own!

Walking trips

Walking Trips are a big part of what we do, aiming to get out of Bath on Day Trips at least once per semester! Previous Trips have been to the Brecons, the South Coast, Exmoor, and Dartmoor. Walking is also offered on Freshers’, Christmas, and Summer trips. We also go Wild Camping on Dartmoor and run a Night Hike in Semester 2. These trips are great if you want to climb up some big hills or just want a stroll around a bit of the world other than Bath! Find out more about the things we get up to in Trip Reports

If you want to get more involved with walking in the club, please email su-mountaineering@bath.ac.uk and let us know.

Local Walks

See route plans here!

We run local walks on Sundays throughout the year. These usually start on campus or in central Bath, and we try to make them happen at least every other week. These are great for meeting new people and escaping for about 4 hours at the weekend! You will likely need sturdy shoes, a waterproof, and some water. They are generally open to anyone affiliated with the university, so you don’t have to be a BUMC member to come along. Keep an eye on the Sunday emails and social media channels for details of these!

If you want to walk locally outside of these, then a series of route plans are provided here. These are just suggestions, and we can't guarantee their accuracy, but should give you some ideas of possible routes. Please email su-mountaineering@bath.ac.uk if you have any questions about walking locally.