Committee 2018 - 2019


George Bridgewater

Hi, I’m the Chairman this year and your point of call if you’re not sure who to contact from the rest of committee. A bit about me: I’m a Final year Mechanical Engineering student who’s been involved with the club since my first year way back in 2014. Yes, Glynnis wasn’t unpopular back then! In my time with the club I’ve been on committee as climbing secretary for 2 years already, so I know how most things work by now! For my personal climbing I’m a bit of a Trad climbing addict and love nothing more than a big multi-pitch somewhere out-there and adventurous. I also get up to the whole shebang of bouldering, sport, via ferrata, winter climbing, walking, camping and, of course, pubbing. If you’ve got any questions feel free to email me on



Sam Rawes

I'm Sam, 3rd civil engineering student and Excel spreadsheet semi-pro. I keep tabs on the club budget and try to make sure that its distributed well between all the different activities we run as a club, particularly those that give people the skills and know-how to go and do more! I was previously Walking Sec in my 2nd year and love a good wild camp, but can now be found at TCA most weeks. Some say there's a trend...



Oliver Gibson 

I'm Olly G, I am the club secretary this year. My chief responsibilities are taking minutes at the club committee meetings and any general meetings, as well as being chief contact with the BMC. My responsibilities do not include providing financial aid to political or militant dissident groups in return for cheap holiday accommodation. This year I am hoping to reboot the publicisation of committee minutes to ensure transparency in club governance and improve the general understanding of club issues amongst our members. Please feel free to email me with any concerns or questions on specific minutes at


Climbing Secretaries 

Rob Haseler

The lifetime of a star is about 10 billion years. When a star dies, heavy elements are forged in the inevitable supernova which marks the end of one of the universe’s most beautiful creations. This is where our story begins.

These elements float through space for an unimaginably long time, and eventually some of them draw together to form planets. One such planet, a planet named Earth, came into existence around 4.5 billion years ago and through a series of phenomenal geological events sections of bare rock were created in several places on its surface, varying in angle from 70° to 180° from the horizontal.

As a climbing secretary, it is my job to help you gain access to these rocks and subsequently get to the top of them, primarily by using your hands and feet. One of the fantastic things about climbing is that it’s a personal sport for the most part, meaning that you can jump into it with any level of ability; one of my main goals for this year is to get as many people interested in the sport as possible. Just come along to any of our sessions or events – everyone’s really friendly and inclusive.

Throughout the year we’ll be running a whole bunch of climbing trips and events, ranging from weekly trips to our local indoor climbing centre, to multipitch trad in Dartmoor and The Roaches, to bouldering in Fontainebleau, to teaching sessions for technique, roped climbing, and trad climbing. Just keep an eye out for the weekly emails we send out, since this will contain all the information you need to get involved!

If you have any questions (climbing related or otherwise), feel free to contact either myself or Olly Light (the other climbing secretary). Alternatively, say hi to us in person – we’re at the pub most Thursdays, and you can usually find us at one of the indoor walls a couple times each week.


Oliver Light

I am a final year Pharmacology student and have been involved with the club since my first year of uni, being climbing sec in my second year also. I have been climbing for over 10 years, and I am well known in the climbing community for: summiting the mighty incline to the east of Bath known as Widcombe, falling off multiple 7a’s and refusing to touch any boulders with more than 6 moves. My role for this year involves planning trips, training sessions and drinking copious amounts of coffee, which I take VERY seriously!


Walking Secretaries 

Chris Tycer

Hi! My name is Chris and I am once of the club’s walking secretaries this year.

I am in my final year of an Aerospace Engineering master’s degree at Bath. Although I did not join the club until my 3rd year I felt very welcome and quickly made friends. I really enjoy walking, I grew up through scouting and did a lot of walking as a teenager with my family, as a result I’ve walked all over the UK and further! When committee nominations came around in the second semester I only had one year left to take the opportunity to be on a sport club committee, so I took it.

Please feel free to come and talk to me on our Sunday walks, or any other time. I would especially be interested to hear if you are thinking of applying for a committee position next year. I can answer any questions you may have about the sort of things I get up to in my committee role.

I look forward to meeting you.


Laura Bosomworth

Hi! I’m Laura, a second year Biomed student and one of your walking secretaries this year. As a northerner I have plenty of experience hiking in the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales and love anything outdoorsy. If you have any questions about anything walking related please don’t hesitate to contact me!


Gear Secretary

David White

Hi my name is David, I’m a 3rd year pharmacy Student and this year’s Gear Secretary. I’ve been in the club 3 years and it given me the opportunity to travel the country and try new types of climbing like trad and alpine, that I wouldn’t of been able to do before. Attending the various weekly climbing, pub and club trips is a great way to meet like-minded people and have a good time. If you have any questions about borrowing gear please email me or find me on Facebook. If you’re reading this Font hype has already started! Get on the hype train! #ifyouknowyouknow 


Social Secretary 

Kathryn Todd 

I organise the Thursday social events. Ask me about the time I survived a skydive without a parachute!


Web Secretary

Dan Evans

As arguably the most important role in the club I take great pride in my work. I thought studying Computer Science would make me suitable for this role; I am now an expert at Facebook. My main roles consist of managing social media and the SU website, making sure other secretaries aren't stealing your data, answering emails / messages and keeping the calendar updated. 

You can find me at the pub on Thursdays or attempting to boulder throughout the week. If you'd like to find out more about what it's like to be omniscient, send me an email at


Voting Members 

Ellie Jackson

Hi, I’m Ellie! I’m a second-year biology student and a keen walker. I found the club was great for meeting like-minded people who love the outdoors and it offers a fantastic way to explore the local countryside as well as further afield! As voting member, I’m here to lend a hand with the day to day running of the club and to share my knowledge and experience with newer members. If anyone has any questions, feel free to get in touch!


Daphne Kyriakaki

Hi I’m Daphne, I’m a second year maths student and this years voting member. I started climbing when I joined the club, and have fallen in love with outdoor adventure. I love wide cracks. Feel free to get in contact if you have any questions or want to go for a climb!


Postgrad Officer

Toby Parkes

Hi, I’m Toby a PhD student from Biology, I’m a keen walker and climber and have been the postgrad sec for the club the last two years. My role is to make sure our events are accessible to the postgraduate community and to make sure that we have activities running when all the undergrads bunk off on their gruelling holidays. If you have any queries about how to get involved with our climbing and walking activities get in touch!


Inclusivity Officer

Eoghan Wiles

Hello there, my name is Eoghan and I'm a final year student in Pharmacy. This year is my 3rd year on the mountaineering club committee and this year I will be focusing on making the club as inclusive and welcoming as possible. In my opinion we are one of the friendliest clubs on campus but if you think there is a way we can be even more inclusive and look after our members even better please get in touch with me. I am also heading up the club's new orienteering team this year so if you are interested in join please send me an email.


BUCS Captain

Ross Norman

I like climbing.