Committee 2019 - 2020



Conor Smith

Hello, my name’s Conor and I’m your chair for this year! So a bit about me - I’m a 4th year mechanical engineer returning from placement. I’ve been part of BUMC ever since my freshers week and have previously been on committee as your social sec. I’m a keen walker and climber, particularly bouldering and am determined to give orienteering a try as well!

So why should you join BUMC? I can honestly say this club has been the highlight of my time at uni, and whether you’re a walker, climber, orienteer or just love the outdoors you’ll feel the same! I can always be found climbing at TCA and at the Thursday pubs. If you have any questions about the club please do get in touch and I’ll be happy to answer.



Ross Clayton

Hi I’m Ross and I’m this year’s treasurer, which means I keep track of the club’s budget. The club needs its cash to help fund trips, gear and other activities. I’m a 3rd year civil engineering student and having just completed my placement I’m really excited to be back involved with BUMC! I’m keen on my climbing but also having grown up in Scotland I do love a big walk up a Munro now and again. I’d love to see lots of new faces getting involved this year so any questions please don’t hesitate to email me at



Rachel Taylor

Hi, I’m Rachel and I’m the BUMC Secretary! I study French and Spanish and am going into my final year at Bath after my Year Abroad. I’m a keen walker and managed to keep up my hiking whilst abroad; one of my favourite treks was to the Torres del Paine in Chilean Patagonia. As well as getting back into walking with BUMC, I’m excited to give climbing a go, as it’s something new for me this year! I can’t wait to get involved with all the club activities and I’m looking forward to seeing old members of the club, as well as meeting new ones! You’ll most likely see me on a Sunday walk pulling endless snacks out of my backpack, as I am eternally hungry (you can never be over- prepared where food is concerned). See you soon!


Climbing Secretaries

Rob Haseler

Hey I'm Rob and I once spent 1 and a half hours failing to climb a Diff and then bailing off of it. I'm one of your climbing secs for this year, good luck!


Janek Trace-Kleeberg

Hi friends! I'm a second year civil and architectural engineering student basically I play with sticks and bricks and then go climb. I got into climbing just before uni so this club has fueled my passion for the sport and provided opportunity for me to go gallivanting around the country enjoying it outdoors. As one of the climbing secretaries this year I aim to help people who are interested gain the same experience I have. I'm looking forward to meeting new like minded people. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch. 


Walking Secretaries

Rob Cook

I’m Rob, a third-year Mechanical Engineer, and one of the walking secs for this year. This is my second time in the role, and I’m hoping my experience will help everything to run smoothly. I’ve been a keen hillwalker for many years, and spend my summers heading out into the wilds of Scotland, although I also dabble in climbing, cycling, running, and orienteering. I’m also the committee’s most keen scrambler and winter mountaineer, so expect me to try and fit some of both into this year’s trips!


Joe Boycott

I’m Joe, a second year chemical engineer and one of the walking secs this year. Being Welsh and growing up walking mainly in the north of the country I have mastered the art of being wet and wind scoured and calling it type two fun. I love anything outdoors related and my aim this year along with my fellow walking sec Rob is to provide as many quality opportunities to get out on the hills and share this passion. You can find me out on the hills for our Sunday walks, at a climbing wall (I know, a walking sec who climbs albeit unsuccessfully, how treacherous) and in the pub for socials often wearing something so yellow its offensive. If you want to know anything walking related please do get in touch and email me, , I’d love to hear from you.


Gear Secretary

David White

Hi my name is David and I’m this year’s gear secretary. This is my 4th year in the club and it’s an amazing place to meet like minded people and have a great time. If you want to borrow gear for climbing, winter Mountaineering or hiking trips just drop me or the club email a message and we can hopefully sort you out. If you want to chat about anything you can usually find me on our weekly indoor climbing session or on the club pub meet.


Social Secretary

Mia Gaines

Hello I'm Mia, your social sec for the year! Things to get excited about include flapjack and custard night and jam night! Find me for a chat at the pub on Thursdays, I will probably be covered in glitter or dressed as a fairy!

Web Secretary

Ffion Loring

Hi, my name is Ffion, a second year Mathematics student. I joined the club because I have always really enjoyed walking. I started climbing when I joined in freshers, and now try to go as often as possible, even if I still can't feel my arms the day after! If you have any questions about anything feel free to get in touch and I'll do my best to answer, or get you in touch with someone who can.


Voting Members

Jane Blackbourn

Hi there, I’m Jane, a second year Sport and Exercise Science student and lover of all things outdoors. Originally I joined the club as a climber but have found myself increasingly involved in orienteering and mountaineering. You’ll usually find me hanging off a wall in TCA or running around Bathampton Down. Please do come and say hello, I’m always happy to drop some consensual beta or help you take a bearing.

As this year’s voting member I aim to respond to the needs of the club and offer a helping hand wherever necessary. Please get in touch if there’s anything you’d like to see happen trip-wise or in any other respect and I’ll do my best to fulfil it. Before I forget, welcome to the mountaineering community!


Eli Scruby

Hey guys, my name’s Eli and I’m one of the voting members for this year. This means I’ll be around helping out with various trips and other activities throughout the year so I’ll always be around for a chat if you’ve got any questions. In general I like spending my time sitting on squishy pads, falling off walls and inhaling chalk. If you also want to embrace this lifestyle then stop wasting time reading this and go get the train over to Bristol to join me at TCA.


Postgrad Officer

Thomas Weaver

Hi Everyone! I'm this years postgrad sec, dealing with everything and everything postgrad related. Don't think I'm right for the role? Don't take my word for it, here's some reviews:

"He's a better climber than Bear Grylls" - Bear Grylls

"He has walked for a long time" - My Mum

"He taught me everything I know!" - Connor Smith

“Spell my name right!!!” - Conor Smith

Thanks for reading! Contact me in any which way you see fit if you want more information.


Welfare & Inclusivity Officer

Matthew Pembery

Hi :) My name is Matt and I am a second year architecture student and the Welfare & Inclusivity Officer for this year. I will be working to further the supportive and welcoming atmosphere of the club, which was recognised last year with the Gold Certificate for Inclusivity by the SU. You may find me attempting to climb, but my main interests are walking and orienteering for which I am helping to set up a team which will go to BUCS for the second time this year! Feel free to contact me on FB or email ( with any questions on Welfare & Inclusivity and orienteering.


BUCS Coordinator

Samuel Edmans

Efficiency. Accuracy. Commitment.

These are all words that Sam struggles to spell – it’s the double letters that confuse him. He combines rugged good looks, an enigmatic aura and his highly approachable nature to perfect the BUCS Co-ordinator role. Sam loves BUCS so much; it is a rarity that you see Sam clad in anything other than the impenetrable armour that is the blue and gold, hashtag coated BUCS T-shirt.