The All-Sport Membership

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The all-sport membership

One membership, 50 sports!
Who said the new normal for sport couldn’t be awesome? This semester, we’re all about getting you back into moving, and feeling great. For just £20, you can buy a 1-semester membership that allows you to become a member of as many sports clubs as you’d like to, with access to their virtual and in-person* offers!
*- subject to government and NGB guidelines- we are currently working hard with our clubs and facilities to ensure we can put on great in-person sessions as well as a fantastic virtual offer! 

Will there be taster sessions this year?

Due to the limiting of session size by the government, and national governing bodies, we can’t ensure the usual numbers within taster sessions, so they will be unable to occur. This is why we have adopted a membership that allows a semester full of tasters!

Do I need to do anything before I can start playing?

Signups: For safety reasons, you’ll need to sign up to every session you want to go to- these will be capped, to ensure we are abiding by the sporting guidelines. If you’re not signed up to your session, you’ll be unable to come along. 
Extra costs: There are some sports that will require extra payments before you can get going with certain activities! These costs will range from insurance, to transport, to internal tournament or league fees, and many will be subsidised by SU sport.
Other: Some sports have other prerequisites, ie. Swim tests for watersports. They’ll need to be done before you can start up with regular sessions on the water.

Why are you doing an all sports membership?

First and foremost, the pandemic has been a really tough time for so many of us, and we want to get people back into physical activity in an affordable, flexible way! Due to government guidelines changing, and local lockdowns, a membership that could allow as much flexibility as possible was chosen. Some sports may be playable at different points within semester 1, and we want you to be able to try them out when they are safe to!

Why one semester?

We want to ensure a good value membership over the whole year, and as it’s not possible to predict how guidelines will change, we’d prefer to ensure a level of flexibility with the overall year fee.

What will happen in semester 2?

We hope to go back to single-sport memberships. The cost of this isn’t confirmed yet, but we’re hoping to keep the year-cost below last year’s individual sport membership fee of £36 (ie. £16 or less)!

What if I just want to do one sport?

There will be an option to select a single sport- there may be some sessions that you’re able to access depending- ie. If you’re playing at an advanced level, your club may have some sessions specifically for you. This will be coordinated by the club committee.
Get yours today. 
If you have any further questions about membership please contact