Walking on Sunshine

Walking on Sunshine

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Explore the incredible areas surrounding you! Whether you're looking for a scenic workout spot, or a wintery insta pic, we’ve got our dream-team together, to let you in on some of the best places to walk to around Bath!

Riverside Walks- Mirren Derby

Start from Campus, City centre, Oldfield park, Widcombe

I really love walking along the river in Bath. There are lots of nice places to walk and cycle along. I would recommend two walks. One really nice place to walk is starting from the steps down at Pulteney bridge (Next to the shop Found). There is a good view of the abbey and lots of benches for picnics. You can keep going along the river till you get to where the canal joins near Widcombe.

Another good stretch of river/canal starts near carpenter house. You can walk along the north side of the river to Sainsburys and then on to Victoria bridge and further out to the countryside. I live in Oldfield and so often enjoy walking out to Victoria bridge, crossing the river and then going down the steps and turning left and walking along the path to Sainsburys. It’s a more scenic route than going along the road and there are lots of lovely trees along this walk. It can be a little busy with bikes. You can also turn right instead and go out towards the countryside and see the Weston Lock. 


Walking or cycling along here is nice as you can make your walk as long or as short as you want by just turning back when you are ready. I like looking out for nice canal boats and people stand up paddle boarding. These are easy places to walk or cycle as there is little chance of getting lost and the paths are tarmac for most of it. I can put my music on and just walk which is really nice.

The Royal Crescent- Elizabeth Stacey

Start from the City Centre, Oldfield park, Campus

The Royal Crescent, a historical landmark of Bath. A beautiful, must see, perfect for an autumnal walk, run or Instagram pic. It is one of Baths most iconic landmarks. The Crescent is just off of the Circus, an equally iconic beautiful circular group of houses. Originally called the Kings Circus, and is split into 3 curved segments to form the circular shape. If you stand right in the middle of the Circus, see if you can find the spot where anything you say can echo!

The Royal Crescent, a 500 foot-long crescent shape of Grade 1 listed terraced houses overlooks the beautiful greens of Alexandra Park, the Botanical Gardens and Victoria Falls Adventure Golf. The masses of greenery around this area is perfect for a walk, afternoon out or workout on the grass. The combination of history and architecture is an incredible and a must-see for all. Why not head up to the Crescent for a break from work, it definitely will not disappoint.

Sham Castle- Francesco Masala

Very short walk- start from Campus

Just a short walk from campus, a folly overlooking the city of Bath, with some of the most amazing views of the City. This makes for a really convenient, relaxing study break! Go at any time of the day to see the Rec, the Abbey, and lots of the big city landmarks, or at night to see the beautiful city lights. Exit campus from the west side (around Polden court). Start following quarry road down and take the right as you get to the bridge. Follow the path through the field, and you’re there!

Kelston Round Hill- Rob Cook

Longer walk, start from Weston, Oldfield park, City Centre, Twerton

Kelston Round Hill is my favourite of the summits around Bath, simply because of the huge view from the summit – on a clear day you can see the Brecon Beacons in South Wales, 40 miles away. Even when its cloudy, the Clifton Suspension Bridge and both Severn bridges are usually visible. It’s also a real contrast from the middle of town, a quiet spot within easy reach of the city.

The easiest route is to start from Weston Recreation Ground, then follow the Cotswold Way for 2km up the ridge, taking the gate off the main path towards the distinctive clump of trees on the hill’s summit. Be warned, the path is steep and often quite muddy, so wear shoes with good traction, but it’s well worth the effort. 

Alexandra Park- Elizabeth Stacey

Start from City Centre, Oldfield Park

Alexandra Park is up first, a beautiful walk with panoramic views of the city. This tranquil green space is a perfect place to visit for a walk, cheeky Instagram pic, workout on the grass or even somewhere just to sit and enjoy the views. Alexandra Park is a staple for my housemates and myself; if you live in Oldfield or the City, is only a short walk. This walk is the perfect break from coursework and fit in between lectures. If you wanted to extend your walk, it is very close to Beechen Cliffe Woodland.

Photograph taken by Mhairi McCreery

It is accessible through a long flight of steps called Jacobs Ladder, or by an easier route of Shakespeare Avenue, just put Alexandra Park into your smartphone and will guide you there. The magnificent views are definitely worth the hike to the top. Whether you want to attend in the morning, afternoon, sunset or night, the views do not fail to disappoint. Try to avoid going around 3pm when the Beechen Cliffe pupils all walk towards the City. See If you can point out places such as the Bath Abbey, the Guildhall, and so much more.

Bathwick Fields- Elizabeth Stacey

Short Walk- start from City Centre, Campus

Bathwick Fields, one of the lesser-visited places in Bath, but as only a short walk from campus and town, is the perfect place to visit for a break with your flat mates. Head up/down Widcombe Hill and in the middle, you will find the impressionable views, only available from this spot. Head down to visit some cows and get some fresh air. As part of the Bath Skyline walk, you will see very beautiful views and lots of luscious green grass.

Bath City Farm – Tom Sawko

Start from Oldfield Park, Twerton, Southdown

My favourite place in all of Bath- great views, cute animals! Take a wellbeing walk through the 37 Acre grounds, or go and visit some of the farm critters! It's a little bit out of the way, so take a long weekend walk to the South West of the city! Cows, Pygmy goats, Shetland Ponies, chickens, ducks and more- it’s a pretty great place if you’d like a wholesome animal walk... who doesn't? It's pretty muddy there at the moment, so be sure to chuck some wellies/ walking boots on for this one!


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