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80 boxes of donations collected for regions hit by earthquake

80 boxes of donations collected for regions hit by earthquake

The Turkish Society and the SU Volunteering Team organised a collection of donations for the victims of Monday's earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

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The Students’ Union would like to recognise the Turkish Society and the SU Volunteering Team for coming together to organise a collection of donations for the victims of Monday's earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. They organised the collection in record time, collecting 80 boxes of donations from staff and students.

The donations were collected on the morning of 9 February and flown to their destination by the end of the day. Many people have been left in freezing conditions following the earthquake, which destroyed countless buildings and claimed thousands of lives. 

Chair of our Turkish Society, Sezgi Ozturkm said "First of all, we would like to thank the university and the SU team for their support. As you know, the tragic and devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have deeply shaken and affected us, our families and our country. As the head of the Turkish Community at the University, I knew as soon as I heard the news that we had to do something. The first thing I thought of when I heard the news was "how are people going to stand on the street in the middle of winter?". It happened! The fact that thousands of people were suddenly on the street and that they needed our help most urgently was the biggest motivation for us to act quickly. At this point, the organiaation of the people of Bath and the students in a very short time and their tearful benevolence gave us hope and light. In order to help thousands of people, first of all, needs lists were drawn up and spread throughout the school. We managed to collect more than 80 boxes of donations and donations in 24 hours! The donations collected included nappies, children's toys, blankets, and even letters of support from Bath students".

Viktor Toshev, SU Activities Officer, said "The donation point for victims of the earthquake on Wednesday in the Edge was an immense success. It was incredible to see how responsive and compassionate the local community is, with local businesses donating boxes and hundreds of students, academic staff, and local residents donating warm clothing for the suffering population.
I want to recognise Sezgi Ozturk, Melis Erdem, and every member of the Turkish community who helped organise this enormous effort with other Turkish communities across the country. I also want to express our gratitude to Corinne Evans and Councillor YK Kumar, who responded immediately and shared messages with university staff and local residents. We could not have made such an impact without your help!"
Individuals can donate funds to the Turkey Mozaic Foundation, which is in charge of the rescue operations in the devastated areas. 
DONATE HERE!  Please donate, as even a tiny amount can help save hundreds of lives.
In case you missed it, The SU released a statement on the earthquakes earlier this week. If you have been affected by these events and need advice and support, the following resources are available:

If you missed the collection deadline, the homepage of the Disasters Emergency Committee provides information on how you can help charities provide vital medical care, emergency shelter, food and clean water.




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