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Be Well App has Launched!

Be Well App has Launched!

Download and register today to see how it can help you to boost your wellbeing.

The University has recently launched the Be Well app. This free app is designed to support you by providing you with tools to build positive habits and strategies to manage your wellbeing.

The SU are really pleased to support the Be Well app. Our SU Advice & Support team and Community Officer, Meg, have been involved in discussions around this app and we're excited to see it launched!

By downloading the app, you'll have access to a range of self-help resources such as podcasts, blogs, wellbeing trackers, challenges, podcasts, blogs, exercises, and an AI feature. The app also allows you to track your wellbeing overtime and set manageable habit goals. One of the main benefits we saw in this app is the fact it has been customised to our student body. The app includes information about events and activities at the University of Bath and in The SU.  It also includes signposting information to services at Bath, for if you feel you would benefit from specific professional support.

The Be Well app contains a huge range of self-help resources and information, personalised to ensure you're receiving information directly relevant to being a student at Bath. We'd recommend downloading the app and taking steps to help you manage your wellbeing.

You can find out more information and download the app for free here:


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