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Living Your Best Bath City Life

Living Your Best Bath City Life

Our Shared City: SCP’s Moving-in Campaign

Are you living in the city this year? Have you heard about the Moving in Campaign with the Student Community Partnership (SCP)?

The SCP is a bridge between the Uni of Bath, Bath Spa Uni, Bath College, Norland College, each of the Student Unions’ that represent them and the council of Bath and North-East Somerset. The SCP has a small team of staff including the Community Warden and is supported by a variety of volunteers, including university staff, students and local councillors Throughout the campaign, they will be joined by Student Union officers. Their primary goal is to support all student residents and permanent residents in coming together and living harmoniously in the Bath community. They campaign for positive neighbourly relations, safety, sustainability, and other aspects of community awareness.

From Monday 4 October, for six weeks, every afternoon, the SCP will be visiting student residents and neighbouring properties throughout Bath to raise awareness of the SCP, and the support they offer.

They aim to cover 58 streets primarily in Oldfield Park and Westmoreland, but also throughout parts of Southdown, Twerton and Newbridge. Alongside these locations, the SCP will specifically visit certain student residents and neighbouring properties where there has been concerns raised, in the areas of Widcombe, Bathwick, and Lansdown. This proactive approach aims to deal with any issues immediately and ensure both students and permanent residents feel reassured.

The SCP will be providing helpful advice to all residents to ensure positive community relations and an enjoyable living experience in Bath. They will also discuss the importance of meeting your neighbours, getting involved, exploring the neighbourhood, respecting neighbours, registering to vote, reducing your carbon footprint, correctly recycling, and looking after where you live. With respecting your neighbours, the SCP wants to also emphasise the importance of ensuring your neighbours are aware of any party plans. Also give them your phone number so that they can inform you of any problems and try to maintain a reasonable noise level as much as possible.

If you haven’t engaged with your local community warden or volunteer from the SCP, then you may hear from them soon. Remember they are here to support you and ensure Bath continues to be a great place to live for all.


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