Want to start a new society?

We open applications twice a year. The dates for 2018/19 are:


                          Closed as of Friday 29th March 2019, 12:00pm. Re-opening next semester for academic year 2019/20.

Late applications will NOT be accepted. If you are having trouble filling in the google form, please contact susocieties before the deadline.

What do I need?

A Core Committee - Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. Your committee must not be on placement during that academic year.

Committee for 2019/20 - For April 2019 applications you must put forward a core committee who will be studying at the University during 2019/20.

30 interested students - Names and usernames of at least 30 current students who would be interested in becoming members.

How do I apply?

You can fill out our application form when it goes live. You will need to include:

Your Mission Statement: 

What is the purpose of this society?

Your Aims and Objectives:

How will you get students involved?

What will your society aim to achieve?


What activities and events will your society organise?

What is the benefit of these events?

Go to the application form

What happens next?

The Societies Exec will look at all applications based on the following criteria: 

The society 

  • is open to all and provides a range of activities for its members
  • provides sufficient personal development for its members
  • is created for purposes other than arranging socials or making money
  • activities will offer value for money and enhance the student experience
  • is sustainable within the SU
  • does not duplicate the efforts and activities of an existing group affiliated to Socs or another sub-group of the SU.
  • activities do not conflict with the SU’s values, policies or legal obligations

There is no first come first-served basis or waiting list. All groups will be considered individually.

If you are successful through the first stage of shortlisting you will be invited to present your society in a two minute presentation in front of the Societies General Meeting (Semester 2, April 7th, 13:15, 1W 2.101), so please ensure that at least one member of your committee is available to present. 

Once affiliated, you will be asked to complete a risk assessment and development plan for your Society within two weeks of affiliation. Templates for these documents will be emailed to you.