The British Pharmacy Students’ Association (BPSA) is the official student organization of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society founded in 1942; its mission is to promote the interests and welfare of pharmacy student throughout the UK. The society offers numerous benefits to its members, including:

1. Representing members at numerous meeting with the General Pharmaceutical Council (the regulatory body) throughout the year

2. Offering students the opportunity to go to area conferences at different universities. These conferences all have different themes which are discussed by attendees, a talk from a relevant speaker and a lunch for a small fee.

3. The Annual conference! This is the biggest event on the BPSA calendar. It a 5 day event which includes talks, workshops and a social events.

4. Regular competitions - most notably the Responding to Symptoms competition.

5. Student Exchange programmes that allow students to go abroad.

Boost your employability with the BPSA Professional Development Certificate (PDC) scheme. This is awarded by students collecting points by completing certain tasks with the association eg going to conferences and taking part in competitions. You need 5 points to get the award. It looks great on your CV!


The best thing about the BPSA is that membership is completely free to all students meaning that going to events is just a small step away. Joining can be accomplished by joining the Royal Pharmaceutical Society - as soon as you join the RPS you instantly become a BPSA member. Follow the link below to join up today!


For more information about the BPSA themselves, please look their website: http://www.bpsa.co.uk/index.php