RAG’s Big 4 Charity Application Guidelines

About Bath RAG

Bath RAG is the student fundraising group based at the University of Bath. RAG raises money through various events run throughout the year and then donates the money to both local and national charities. Each year, Bath RAG aims to improve on the total amount raised through team spirit, enthusiasm and generally having fun!


About the Big 4 Grant

Throughout the academic year the RAG committee and RAG members organise and run fundraising events to raise money for their chosen Big 4 charities. These include regular events such as the Hitchhike, an on-campus Take Me Out and a team entry in the Bath Half Marathon. Plus collections and other fundraisers happen throughout the year for students.

At the end of the academic year the profit raised for RAG is divided between the Big 4 charities. Should the funds raised exceed £20,000 for the Big 4, approximately 13% of the funds may be used for the Small Charity Grant Scheme, which is aimed at small local charities who are not eligible to apply to be one of the Big 4. 

The Big 4 grants given each year are very much dependant on how much students raise and so grants can vary from year to year. The grants provided are usually in the region of £2-5k per charity however this is dependent on the amount fundraised each year, grants may fall outside this range. At the end of the academic year RAG Committee members will determine how much each Big 4 member will receive by reviewing their accounts and dividing this accordingly.

Some of RAGs fundraising may be retained to support the running of RAG and fundraising events in the next academic year. 

Cheques for the Big 4 donations are issued before The SU University of Bath Financial year end which falls at the end of July. Any donations received in the new financial year will be donated to the next Big 4 charities.


Who Bath RAG fund:

Bath RAG are passionate about supporting our local community and as such will aim to select at least three charities that are local to Bath RAG. 

A charity local to Bath RAG is defined as a charity with an office based in Bath and North East Somerset. Local branches/divisions of national charities will also be considered as a local charity, please make it clear on your application if you are a branch of a national charitable body. RAG are also keen for the beneficiaries of your charity to also fall within the local area as defined above, please demonstrate this within your application.

National charities may also apply to be considered to become one of RAG’s Big 4 however RAG will only select one maximum national charity to support. We define a

national charity as ‘a charity that has a customer base in a variety of regions across the UK and provides a variety of commodities, goods, products or services that are needed to a variety of national customers, a national customer base and national population’. A national charity would not have a local branch and if they do we would encourage the local branch to apply directly. Please make it clear if you are applying from a national charity head office on your application. We would be keen to see the impact your national charity has on the area local to Bath RAG (as outlined above) and where possible have a regional contact within the South West. 

It is preferable that grants from RAG will support a specific project/campaign requirement.

Applying to be one of Bath RAG’s Big 4 should be viewed as an active charity partnership. Successful applicants will have demonstrated commitment to providing student development opportunities to our members. This support could take the form of information talks, volunteering opportunities, visits to facilities (where appropriate), events management training, and assistance with publicity and event support, etc. 


Eligibility and Selection:

  • Current Big 4 charities must wait one academic year before reapplying to the fund. 
  • Charities must be registered in the UK.
  • RAG cannot support charities with biased political agendas. In the event of a conflict, military or otherwise, Bath Students’ Union will only endorse and support fundraising for neutral, humanitarian organisations. 
  • Charities must be able to demonstrate their local impact within Bath and North East Somerset.
  • RAG and The SU Bath value inclusivity which forms the core of all our work. RAG will not consider applications from charities who do not share this value and exclude students from any of their activities on the grounds of gender, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, disability, age, background etc. Should you have any questions regarding this criteria please contact RAG (rag@bath.ac.uk) or a staff member at ragstaff@bath.ac.uk to discuss. If it is discovered that any student is unfairly excluded from your charities activities, even after the Big 4 have been confirmed, it may jeopardise your position as a Big 4 chosen charity.
  • Applications will be shortlisted by the selection panel. Shortlisted charities will be promoted to our student body at the University of Bath via theSUbath.com where they will be invited to vote for the charities they would like to see supported in the next academic year.
  • The selection panel will ensure that the projects supported are compliant with the above criteria. The decision of the selection panel is final.


Working together

What sort of support would you be able to offer Bath RAG to help it develop?

RAG are keen for charities to work closely with students and create a partnership. Please let us know of any opportunities you can offer to work with students. For example can you offer training or advice on marketing, event management, fundraising etc? Can students visit a project or your offices? Can you offer any volunteering opportunities, and if so what sort? 


Have you received funding from any other University’s charity fund within the last 5 years?

This question helps us to see if you have worked with students now or in the past. Should you be selected as one of RAG’s Big 4 this will be useful to know to help us establish a partnership based on previous experience.


How would you spend a grant of £2k - £5k from Bath RAG?

In this section please outline any specific project or equipment you would like RAG’s money to fund. Depending on how fundraising goes each year, grants tend to be approximately £2k - £5k to each of the Big 4 charities. With this in mind, how would you use this money within your charities and who would benefit. RAG prefer to fund specific projects. If you have more than one project that RAG can support, please do briefly outline a few ideas. Nothing is set in stone at this stage but this gives RAG an idea of where their money will go. 



  • If you can let us know how you heard about the scheme this helps us to monitor our marketing in relation to the scheme.
  • Please ensure you have completed all the sections of the application form before returning.
  • Please enclose a copy of your Financial Summary (one or more pages). This helps to ensure you have applied for the right scheme. You do not need to send a full copy of your accounts, just a summary confirming your annual turnover.
  • Please ensure that the application form has two signatures.