FlowerFlowerFlowerThere are lots of opportunities for new PGT students to get involved in SU activities and develop valuable, employable skills to help you in the future.

Student Leader Roles

Academic Rep

Become the critical link between academic staff and students, building skills in data analysis and feedback collection as you gather the thoughts and feelings of your cohort on their learning experience. Gain confidence as you ensure the voice of the students is heard by the University, taking part in key decision-making that directly affects your peers. Build teamwork skills as you work collaboratively in meetings with academic staff to share insight, as well as the SU and Officers to inform greater change.

Skills you can develop – confidence, communication, igniting change, working as a team, collecting and analysing feedback, and developing relationships with senior staff members.

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Committee Roles

Help students have an amazing time at University by running a student group. Committee members can run socials, events and activities, organise campaigns and create communities and experiences, all while developing valuable skills. Committee members are elected at elections in Semester 2 and by-elections at the start of the year. 

Skills you can develop – event management, financial management, leadership skills, marketing skills, organisation skills, team working and more.

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Exercise Buddy

Help others to start exercising regularly to improve their mental health as an Exercise Peer Mentor. Mentors spend eight weeks working with their mentee, meeting once a week to complete an activity, making it less daunting and more enjoyable. You don’t need to be an expert to be a mentor, just enthusiastic about getting others moving and committed to the programme.

Skills you can develop – active listening skills, communication skills, mentoring skills, time management, wellbeing, and more.

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Hall Rep

When you become a hall rep you will help build the community in your halls. As a hall rep you can feedback accommodation issues and general feedback at the monthly hall forums, helping to improve everyone’s experience. You can also be part of organising your own SU funded hall events, maybe put on a karaoke Christmas party for your hall mates, or a film night with free pizza? Being the voice of your halls, and hall event planner, you’ll be helping build better communities. Hall reps are elected at the end of September.

Skills you can develop – communication skills, event management, making change, using feedback and more.

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Language PAL Leader

PAL Leaders work in teams to plan and deliver weekly study sessions for students learning a language at University. You can use activities and resources to encourage students to practice using the language and learn about different cultures.

Skills you can develop – communication skills, creativity, facilitating discussions, intercultural skills, language skills, time management and more.

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PGT Executive committee

The PGT Exec helps create a University community for taught postgraduates – planning and running social events, highlighting the issues that matter to PGT students, and working for change. It’s a way to meet other students, build your network and gain experience in a team or leadership role.

Skills you can develop – communication, teamwork, making change, using feedback, event management, leadership.

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Other opportunities

Get involved in Student Media

There are so many opportunities, whether you only want to write one article, record one show or create a podcast on your studies, or, whether you want to dedicate more time for frequent writing, recording, filming or editing. Find something that suits you and be part of BathTime, CampusTV and URB!

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Get involved in the arts

There are so many opportunities to get involved in the Arts while you're in Bath, developing your creative skills, confidence, communication skills and more all while having fun and helping your wellbeing. You can learn an instrument, attend arts, crafts and dance workshops or volunteer as an usher for student productions. 

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Go to a Language PAL Session

Come together with fellow language learners and native speakers at a Language PAL session to practice speaking and listening skills, learn about different cultures and grow in confidence in speaking another language.

There are also English PAL sessions for international students to develop English skills and learn more about living and studying in the UK.

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Join a student group

Not only can you have amazing experiences as part of a student group, but you can also develop valuable skills too. Whether it is teamwork as part of a sports team, creativity at an Arts group or communication skills through meeting new people, you can get lots out of your membership. 

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Stand in an election

The SU runs elections so you can decide who should be the next group of students to run and lead SU activities. Most of the non-academic activities here at Bath are run through the SU, and there are lots of positions you could vote in or nominate yourself for including full-time paid positions and part-time voluntary positions. Elected students then set the direction of the SU, decide on student policy, and run campaigns and events to improve students' lives.

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Volunteer your time

Having fun doing something out of the ordinary, meeting new people, developing new skills, and all the while giving back to our communities; These are just some of the reasons we love volunteering! We have an array of amazing groups, charity and community activities to get involved with.

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