Non Team players and Social Play:

Please note that times are approximate and may change depending on BUCS match fixtures for team players providing coaching. Confirmed times and sign up links will be posted weekly on our Facebook group, Instagram @bathsquash and whatsapp group 

Club Night:

Every Wednesday, we will be opening up the squash courts and (team players) to our recreational players for some training. Team players will be running the club night sessions which will also include regular opportunities for match play.

During club night, we offer five 45 minutes sessions for all abilities: two beginner, two intermediate and one advanced session between 3pm - 6:45pm every Wednesday.

You're welcome to come along to try it out for free during your first session, but to come to further sessions we will require a membership to be bought.

The beginners sessions are for members who are new to the game or looking to play recreationally. These sessions will provide light hearted coaching, including gentle fitness routines, technical coaching and organized tournament matches

The intermediate sessions are for those who have perhaps played before and are looking to improve and potentially reach the teams. These sessions will provide more rigorous and technical coaching as well as regular match play against team and non-team players.

The advanced session is for those who would like more technical and rigoruous training and improvements, more match play and more of an eye towards working your way into a team.

These sessions are great to meet new players of your standard who you can go on and play at your own convenience.

Recreational Team League:

Recreational team league is open to all club members and runs every Tuesday evening from 7pm - 10pm. Members are arranged into mixed ability teams at the start of each semester. Team league is the perfect opportunity to improve game play, meet other club members and watch some great squash!


For more information on the above please feel free to contact any of the commitee members or message the Club's Instagram.