Teams and Team Players:

Our 5 Mens' teams and 2 Womens' team compete weekly representing the University of Bath.

Teams, Leagues and Matches:

For the coming season, the squash club will have mens and ladies teams in the following leagues:

  • AVON League
  1. This is the county league consisting of all other local squash clubs around Bristol and Bath
  2. There will be 5 Mens' teams and 2 Womens 'teams, each in separate divisions
  3. There will be one match per week for each team, with each team usually playing on different weekday evenings
  4. 2 teams are promoted and relegated from each league at Christmas and then again in the Summer

       For more info regarding fixtures, teams and matches, please explore the following link:

  • BUCS leagues
  1. This is the regional Universities league - usually consisting of Bristol, Bath, possibly Exeter, Plymouth, Southampton
  2. There will be 4 Mens' teams and 2 Womens' teams
  3. One match a week for each team, every Wednesday afternoon
  4. There are 2 leagues a year for each team, with one team from each division promoted and relegated at christmas
  5. There are also individual championships every year in Birmingham/Nottingham in which most BUCS players will compete
  6. There is also a conference cup, which all BUCS teams will enter

       For more info follow this link

Training and Coaching:

  • Training for all teams will be on Monday evenings with four one hour slots starting at 4:00pm 
  • Slots are divided amongst the teams, three slots are allocated to Mens' training and with one slot allocated to Womens' training
  • There is also additional training for BUCS players on Friday afternoons with three one hour slots (times will be selected based on BUCS players timetables at the start of the year)