For details, advice and information about driving in the UK on a foreign licence, please check out the DVLA website.

EU and other non-UK drivers - please check with the Transport Office before applying as there are certain restrictions and we want to be sure that you don't waste your time applying only to find that you're covered by one of the restrictions!

Drivers with EU licences must be over 21 in order to be accepted by our insurers. You also need to have had at least one year's driving experience in the UK. It isn't just about being able to drive on the left, it's about knowing and understanding the UK rules and conventions - for example, what signals do you give at a roundabout? What do the UK traffic lights mean (flashing amber, for example)? What do the motorway overhead gantry signals mean?

Channel Islands and other non-UK/non-EU countries: a very grey area. Technically, you're not supposed to drive after 12 months if you are a student from a non-EU country, however, the various licensing authorities seem to disagree with each other. Drivers are personally responsible for ensuring that they are licensed to drive, and the Transport Office takes a cautious view if there are grey areas.