When you take out a Bath SU vehicle or one hired in by Bath SU for your trip, the following amounts will be transferred from your Club/Society/Area account into the Transport Office account (the cost of fuel must be added to each price):

Fleet VW Shuttles (9 seats): 45p per mile for first 200 miles (£90), after which free. Minimum 100 miles per day
Hired-in MPVs (9 & 7 seats): £90 per 24 hours or part thereof
Cars: Models quoted are examples, and the actual car allocated will probably differ. Prices per day:

Car type: M1 (example: Fiesta 3 door) £47
Car type: M2 (example: Fiesta 5 door) £48
Car type: M3 (example: Focus) £49
Car type: M4 (example: Mondeo 1.8) £50
Larger vehicle prices on application to the Transport Office

Van type: V4:  £62 example: LWB Mercedes sprinter 4m internal length about 950kg payload
Van type: V3:  £50 example: LWB Transit 3.7m internal length
Van type: V2: £44 example: SWB Transit 2.4m internal length about 850 - 1000kg payload
Car derived van: £40

Minibuses (15 seats): £110 per 24 hours or part thereof

Other vehicles: Cost price plus insurance

PLEASE NOTE:  The pricing structure of the Transport Office is currently under review, but as most vehicles are hired in rather than fleet-owned the price for them is the direct cost of hiring in. For an estimated price for a particular trip, please contact the Transport Office.

Please note to drive a van, you must have upgraded your status to MPV+Van with the Transport Office by undergoing further familiarisation and an observed drive

Drivers should return the vehicle with roughly the same amount of fuel as it started with, unless otherwise instructed by the Transport Office. The Esso filling stations on Lower Bristol Road and London Road are open 24 hours and other filling stations are available.

MiDAS: The fee for a MiDAS course is £30, which is billed directly to your Club/Society/Area

Why charge?

The cost transferred from your account helps finance the leasing of the fleet of vehicles, taking account of the times both when the fleet is used heavily and when it is idle for long periods, and the relatively high cost of 9 seaters.

Please note that The SU vehicles are not available for use by groups other than those associated with The SU

Feel free to call into the Transport Office to discuss your budgeting.