Experiences - hear from some of our members!

"The Bath ultimate club has been a huge part of my uni experience: I've made some of my closest friends through it, had fun at all the wacky fancy dress socials, and enjoyed playing a sport at both a recreational and competitive level. I had played ultimate frisbee before uni so knew coming in as a fresher that I wanted to join the sport at uni, but I certainly couldn't have envisaged how friendly and welcoming the club was. There is something for everyone - whether you want to compete in BUCS nationals tournaments or just attend the odd rec session and social is up to you, and as either someone who has played before or who is a beginner it is great fun."

- Amy van Zyl, Economics with Politics

"I joined frisbee in my second year after a friend recommended it to me. I had never even thrown a disc before but felt instantly welcomed and supported by a super friendly club. The main thing I loved about frisbee compared to other sports was that we had so much fun as well as the possibility to train and compete at a high level. I've grown to love the game and the philosophy of ultimate in general and I'll definitely still be playing long after I graduate."

- Merry Chamen, French and Italian with European studies

"Being a member of Bath Ultimate has shaped a lot of my time at Bath and I’ve really loved the experience. Since it is not a hugely common sport, most people who join the club are complete beginners so everyone improves really quickly and there are lots of opportunities to represent the university at BUCS level competitions, even as a fresher. The people are all super welcoming and friendly and I have met some of my best friends at the club, through both training sessions and socials and from across all years. Bath Ultimate is incredibly active; training sessions most days and weekly socials too. It’s provided me with some of the best memories from my first two years at Bath and I strongly encourage anyone considering joining to give it a go!"

-Charlotte Lunt, Economics

"Frisbee just is the most elite sport ever. Such good fun and the people in the club are just all about good vibes. A sick sport to pick up at uni as you can take it as seriously as you want to. There was no pressure to turn up to anything or to attend all the socials or anything like that and I loved the chill atmosphere at the club. The tournaments were also legendary as travelling around as a team and playing as a unit was brilliant fun, and also learning about the depth of the game and all the tactics was brillll. I had played frisbee very minimally in a chilled out environment before university with my church, but actually the club left so much space for improvement and learning and progress, it was just completely different playing the sport competitively at uni."

- Joshua Philip, IMEE

"I joined Bath Ultimate as a fresher, and now as a final year I can definitely say that it was one of the best choices I’ve made for my University experience. I’ve met some of my best friends through the club, as well as experienced the most memorable nights out at the socials. Ultimate is a great sport for those that either want to try something new, play competitively or even just attend the socials – for me I wanted all three. Unlike many of the other clubs, it is such an inclusive sport and caters to a range of athletic capabilities. It gave me the opportunity to play in a BUCs first team and even win a bronze medal, which I don’t think I would have achieved at any other club. I really encourage you to give Ultimate a try and come along to a taster session, everyone is super welcoming and friendly!"

- Holly Herdman, Economics

"I joined frisbee at the beginning of my second year not really knowing what to expect as I’d never played the sport before and I was definitely not the sporty type. The club was super welcoming and there are so many tournaments that are accessible for beginners that’s it’s super easy to start playing. My favorite part would probably be playing frisbee during draft league which is fun tournament within the club where everyone dresses up for tournaments!"

- Zoe Paumelle, Management

"I joined ultimate frisbee for the social aspects. You can take it as seriously as you like. If you want to play in BUCS games and take the sport seriously, then there is ample support for you to excel. On the other hand, if you want to turn up to one session a week and toss a disc around with your mates, there will be others who think the same. It's really up to you."

- Brendan Yee, Accounting and Finance