As well as dominating the frisbee pitch, Bath Ultimate are well trained at dominating the dancefloor!

Socials are a huge part of the club and a great way to get to know people across the university.


We do a range of social events including:

  • Happy Hour in the SU every Friday often followed by Fame!
  • Themed pub crawls (Harry Potter, Noah's Arc, Shrek...)
  • Themed Score nights (Dress your fresh, World Cup, Rhyming pairs…)
  • Curry nights
  • Games nights
  • Frismas meal
  • Snowball
  • End of year meal
  • Tour



  • Wednesday 8th Feb: RE-WELCOME PUB GOLF. This is particularly good if you want to start frisbee this semester and get involved with the club.
  • Wednesday 15th Feb: RUBIK'S CUBE SCORE. Everyone will come dressed in mis-matched colours and the aim is to be in all one colour by the end of the night!
  • MARIOKART - a more low-key social, not involving alcohol. Still a lot of fun though!
  • CLUEDO PUBCRAWL - Everyone is given a location (somewhere in town), weapon (a random object) and victim (someone in the club). Victims have to accept objects willingly to be killed.
  • More to be confirmed!


Details of socials can be found on our Facebook page. Please contact Jojo ( or Sean ( with any questions ??