As well as dominating the frisbee pitch, Bath Ultimate are well trained at dominating the dancefloor!

Socials are a huge part of the club and a great way to get to know people across the university.


We do a range of social events including:

  • Happy Hour in the SU every Friday often followed by Fame!
  • Themed pub crawls (Harry Potter, Noah's Ark, Shrek...)
  • Themed Score nights (Dress your fresh, World Cup, Rhyming pairs…)
  • Curry nights
  • Games nights
  • Frismas meal
  • Snowball
  • End of year meal
  • Tour



Our welcome social this year will be held on Wednesday 4th October, and the theme is Under the Sea!!

We will be expecting mermaids, sharks, dolphins and all sorts of aquatic life from our returners, and freshers should come as clownfish. Our Social Secretaries, Alex and Rhys, will meet you at the bus stop on campus before you all get the bus down to town, where the pub crawl begins! There will be lots of fun challenges throughout the night on a tour of some of the city's best pubs and clubs, so this is definitely not one to miss.


Details of socials can be found on our Whatsapp and Lounge groups. Please contact Alex ( or Rhys ( with any questions.