Individual Mitigating Circumstances (IMCs), Extensions & Deferrals

Assessments & exams can be stressful.

We're here to help you apply for a coursework extension, or tell the University about the impact of unexpected circumstances on your assessments.

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How do I apply for a coursework extension?

The University have published guidance on applying for a coursework extension. It's a good idea to check what reasons & supporting evidence are usually required for a coursework extension before you proceed.

Always speak to your Personal Tutor, Student Experience Officer or Director of Studies as soon as you can. Your discussion can count as evidence for your course extension & might give you some alternative options to requesting an extension.

mailIf you need advice or support applying for a coursework extension, please email can explain your options & review any written statements. 


How do I report circumstances that are affecting my ability to complete an assessment?

Sometimes unexpected & unavoidable challenges arise that are beyond your control. The Individual Mitigating Circumstances process (also known as 'IMCs') allows you to report serious challenges that have a negative impact on your academic performance, whether that's an exam or other piece of assessment.

Examples of reasons for an IMCs might include:

  • Illness, either you or a close family member
  • Serious accommodation issues 
  • Long-lasting technical problems


The SU Advice Centre can guide you through the IMC process, from writing your application to managing the outcome.

enlightened5 tips for writing an IMC:

  1. Check your reason for submitting an IMC is valid using 'Reasons & Evidence for requesting an IMC'
  2. Check your deadline for submitting an IMC.
    Try to submit as soon as possible & no later than 3 working days after an assessment/exam (for one assessment) or 3 working days after the end of the assessment period (for multiple assessments).
  3. Contact your Director of Studies to explain your situation, as soon as possible. 
  4. Draft your IMC on the report template, referring to the Section 'Completing the IMC report form' on the University IMC guide
  5. Ask an SU Advisor for independent advice on your IMC before submitting it.
    The Advisor can meet you to discuss your report in more detail & explain how to make a strong submission.

The SU Advice Team are available Monday-Friday 09:00-17:00 throughout exams & assessment periods.
mail The best way to get tailored advice on your IMC is to email, attaching a draft of your IMC if possible.

The University exams & assessments telephone helpline also operates Monday-Friday (08:00-18:00) Saturday (08:00-09:45) through the examination periods. Call +44 (0)1225 387500.

Can I apply to defer (postpone) an exam?

You cannot request to defer an exam from the January 2022 assessment period. If you are experiencing serious challenges, we can help you to notify the right people in your Department & submit an IMC form to ask for your circumstances to be considered.

This is a different process to 2019/20 & 2020/21 where 'no detriment' deferrals were permitted due to the serious impact of COVID. If the pandemic or other personal circumstances continue to affect you, this link explains how to get ongoing support in the lead up to exams.