Welcome to the University of Bath Archery Club!

New to the Archery club

Welcome to the Archery Club, if you are new to Archery that is completely fine, we run a Beginners Course at the start of each semester which will teach you all the basics, they start from 09/10, you will need to attend 4 sessions so try to attending 1 a week to start with so everyone gets a chance to join. Once you buy a membership, we will communicate with you via email and Whatsapp, follow us on social media for more information. You can sign up to the relevant Beginners Course session here, the course will only last a few weeks at the start of the semester so be sure to finish the course before as soon as possible.

Unfortunately for Semester 2 in 24/25 we will NOT be opening up memberships to new beginner archers as we are not running a full beginners course. However, if you have done a beginners course elsewhere or are an experienced archer you may be able to join the club, please send us an email if this is the case. 

If you are an experienced (regularly practice) archer please email su-archery@bath.ac.uk

What we do

We are a club for everyone interested in archery - novice, experienced, casual, and competitive archers. We offer a space to have a bit of a laugh and socialise but also to compete with other universities and at open events.

Archery is suitable for a wide range of abilities - any questions, please do get in touch: su-archery@bath.ac.uk

Social Media:

Link to pages: Facebook & Instagram

What we offer

We provide equipment for all those who want to try archery, included in the price of membership as well as the beginners course that will teach you the two different styles (barebow and recurve) and safety. You can use club equipment for the duration of your time at the club, but we can also help you know what to look for when buying your first bow or other equipment if you wanted to. 

Although we teach barebow and recurve in the beginners course, we have a few other options with longbows and compounds in the club if you wanted to use them.

For experienced archers, we provide a great place to train and socialise up to 5/6 times a week with facilities available for both indoor and outdoor training. We provide the opportunity to attend over a dozen competition throughout the year including some WRS competitions.

Fancy trying something new? Join us for a taster session and a beginners course at the start of the semester! 

Come and Meet us

You can find out when sessions will be through the location and times tab and a weekly update in the sign ups tab. Need to contact us email at: su-archery@bath.ac.uk

We look forward to shooting with you!

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