There are numerous competitions during both indoor and outdoor seasons, available for both seniors and novices. Bath competes with other universities in the SWWU (South Wales and West Universities) Archery League.

The two big University competitions each year are BUCS (British Universities & Colleges Sport) Indoor and Outdoor Championships, in which almost every university in the UK with an archery club competes.

Have a look here to see how the first post-lockdown BUCS went!

We also attend various local competitions and have competitions within the club, so there are plenty of chances to win medal and prizes throughout the year. University competiitons usually take place on Saturdays, external competitions on Sundays.
Obviously the number of people we can take to competitions is limited and we're not always able to take everyone who wants to go. In this case the team captains will decide based on ability and/or enthusiasm; a keen and dedicated archer is often more likely to be picked for a team than a technically better archer who doesn't often turn up! However this only applies to university competitions; if you want to go to an external competiton you will - we don't pick teams for them! This means that anyone can compete.

In Archery your main competitor is yourself; by attending external competitions you can earn national records, regional records, classifications, national rankings and various different awards (Rose, English Cross, Fita).

There are also club records, badges and prizes that can be earnt - so everyone has something to aim for, no matter if you are a social or competitive archer!

These are some of our achiements in the previous years:

  • 2 Individual Gold BUCS medal
  • Second place BUCS southern qualifiers Women's Barebow experienced
2020/21 (outdoors only):
  • 1 team Bronze BUCS medal
  • 2 individual Bronze BUCS medal
2019/20 (indoors only):
  • 1 individual Gold BUCS medal
  • 1 individual Gold BUCS medal 
  • 1 individual Silver BUCS medal 
  • 1 individual Bronze BUCS medal 
  • 1 BUCS record
  • 1 individual Gold BUCS medal 
  • 1 individual Silver BUCS medal
  • 3 individual Gold BUCS medal
  • 1 individual Silver BUCS medal
  • 2 individual Bronze BUCS medal
  • 3 Individual Gold BUCS medals*
  • 2 Individual Silver BUCS medals
  • 3 Individual Bronze BUCS medals

* We came 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th in Gents Barebow at the 2016 BUCS Indoor Championship.

  • 4 Individual Gold BUCS medals
  • 1 Individual Silver BUCS medal
  • 1 Individual Bronze BUCS medal
  • 2 new BUCS records in Gents Longbow and Ladies Barebow
  • 1 Individual Gold BUCS medal
  • 4 Individual Silver BUCS medals
  • 3 Individual Bronze BUCS medals