Committee Members

Meet the committee. If you see us around campus or in training, feel free to come talk to us or ask any questions. We're a really friendly and welcoming society, we promise you!


Chair - Hoi-Ching Leung


Hiya! I’m a final year Psychology student, and chair of the society. When I joined Burban as a fresher 2 years ago, the impression was clear. Chill people, good music and even better banter. These people had an effortless way of making me feel at home (which is so important as an international fresher). 

As for dance, I started off as a competition kid in Latin, and performed in contemporary. But the past couple years, I’ve been focusing on hip hop, choreography, and break. Growing up with dance being so competitive and serious, Burban, in all its quirky, banterous glory, was a big change. 

Dance has always been a part of my life but never has it taken on such a crucial and energising role. There’s nothing like spending 8 hours in the library being stuck on an essay, and then coming back to training just to laugh, move and let it all out. These people push me to work on my skills. They motivate me, inspire me and fuel me. 

We hope we can do the same for anyone who’s thinking of joining the society as well :) Feel free to reach out to us!


Secretary - Taiga Kobayashi


Hey everyone, I’m a final year mechanical engineering student, and I’ll be your secretary for this year! Burban is a GREAT place to start getting into dance - I started this way too and I’ve been in love with it ever since! We’re quite a small society, so lessons are more interactive and focussed, and you’ll get to know literally everyone in the society to a great level :) Burban is a friendly and encouraging place to develop your skills and make amazing (& hella talented ;)) friends so I’d definitely recommend it to anyone. I usually do hip-hop, popping and house and have a kinda smooth and intricate style. I’ll be the dumb-looking guy with zero fashion sense present at almost all the lessons & training sessions - feel free to come and chat or learn some moves from me!


Events and Utilities Manager - Saima Ahmed


All the “hellos” have been exhausted by now. Besides if you’re on this page right now it’s likely you’ve been skim reading those first few words and just want to get down into the nitty gritty so i’ll get straight to it. 

Final year International Management and Spanish student by day and Burban’s self - appointed megaphone Events and Utilities manager at night (I’m basically just a glorified social secretary and I use the term “glorified” loosely...). That means I'll be organising those meetups for all of us lovely people to get together, have fun and unleash our inner weirdos. 

I personally can’t describe Burban. Condensing a bunch of quirky people all with a shared passion of dance into a few words or even a sentence could never do the society and its people justice. If you really want to get to know us then you’ll just have to pop over and join us for a lesson or training session. Come experience firsthand what it's like to be part of our Burban fam!



Break Leader - Louie Middle 


Yello, I’m a 2nd year computer scientist (a comp sci student doing dance, this is preposterous) and I’m Burban’s Break Leader for this year. I danced a while back as a wee child and started again with Burban last year. I mostly do break with a style focussed on footwork, however I dabbled in some other style lessons last year as well.

If you’re curious about break in any way don't be afraid to come along to a lesson! All our break lessons are beginner friendly and it’s important to point out ANYONE can break. Breakers come from all different walks of life, making break a very inclusive space. Plus break can be a very versatile style beyond the (possibly intimidating) flips and tricks that can be seen online and on TV, so whether you have no dance experience or have danced your whole life there will be something you can learn!

So yeah, if you’re interested in break, or maybe already have done some breakin come to a lesson or training and someone will be around to help you out, I’ll be the tall lanky guy probably in the corner failing at some move xD


Urban Leader - Enerel Bold-Erdene


Hey, I’m Enerel, Burban’s baby and a 2nd year BSc Maths “student”. I’m this year’s Leader, so I teach the lessons and choreos. I do hip-hop, cwalking/gliding, and this year I’m trynna get into break and popping. My ideal style is closest to SoriNa’s.

Even though I’m Leader, I’m actually new to dance as I started last year as a fresher. For those who’re worried about being inexperienced, me being a beginner myself, I can reassure you that Burban is such a warm, friendly and encouraging, dorky society. Everyone’s always happy to help and learn from each other, regardless of their skill, style and experience. 

And if you’re already a dancer, trust me, Burban’s still great to join because we have loads of talented, experienced dancers who are diverse in their style and genre.

Ngl, even if I wasn’t interested in dance, I would’ve stayed anyway. I loved how chill and friendly everyone was, and I felt so comfortable and right at home. No joke, they’re my family in Bath, and I hope they can be yours too. 

Burban’s not all about dance, it’s just one of the things we enjoy. You can always see us messing around during practice 


Treasurer - Harley Nguyen 


Hiiii everybody! It’s Harley here! I’m a final year Electrical Power Engineering student and I’m lucky enough to be Burban’s Treasurer this year. Burban was the bestest family I have ever had and never expected to have although I just joined in last year. Joining Burban made me wanna get back into dancing and motivated me to practice harder, also learn new styles of dances from very basic moves. My go-to dance would usually be Kpop covers, which I will teach next year! If you’re interested in Kpop, you know who to find ;)


Media Manager - Sophia Tay Fong


Hey I’m Sophia! I’ll be your Media manager this academic year, so any funny falls or drunken messes I’ll be sure to record it :) All jokes aside, I’m a final year in management with marketing, I started dancing in BURBAN in my first year and we’re all very excited to meet all of you!!! Stay safe 


Welfare and Inclusivity Officer - Gwen Feng 


Hi thanks for stopping by! I’m a final year civil engineering student and Burban’s Inclusivity and Welfare officer this year. I started Burban in my freshers year amongst 7 other societies that I signed up to. I have to say the people in the society have won my heart, so it’s the one and only that I continued on! 

I never danced before joining the society and I was timid to dance in front of others. However, there were many people that supported me, and they just constantly inspired me with their talents and hard work. It’s difficult not to want to dance myself. We mess about, we compete, we are confident with each other no matter if it’s dance, uni, or life. I’m here to ensure that culture is felt by all members. Message me any time!