Committee Members

Say hello to the committee! If you see us around campus or in training, feel free to come talk to us or ask any questions. We're a really friendly, chill and welcoming bunch, we promise you!

Chair - Tommy Nguyen


YO! I am a final year Biology student and the chairman of BURBAN. I joined BURBAN when I was a fresher which was totally outside of my comfort zone. Everyone here has accepted every part of me and made me feel extremely relaxed, which was a massive plus!

With dance, I only started at university, no experience whatsoever but I wanted to do dance because I felt it was a fun way to express the emotions I feel when I listen to music. BURBAN has been a great way to integrate yourself into dance if your a begginer. Usually being competitive in sports like Basketball or Volleyball, BURBAN withs its banter, horrendous jokes and open arms have reminded me to enjoy all aspects of an experience like dance which I had forgotten before.

Dance has helped me in so many ways, I have always been a big fan of being immersed in music which dance has allowed me to connect to music in another way. Its always nice to come to the studio with BURBAN always looking to uplift you! They make me laugh but also teach me so much, its ALWAYS a fun time learning with the BURBAN peeps!

Reach out to me if you want to chat! I am always here for a good chat to explain anything for those considering joining the society ^_^