Committee Members

Say hello to the committee! If you see us around campus or in training, feel free to come talk to us or ask any questions. We're a really friendly, chill and welcoming bunch, we promise you!

Chair - Louie Middle

Instagram: louiemiddle30303

Yello, my name is Louie and I’m a final year computer scientist and I’m BURBAN’s Chair for this year! I danced a while back as a wee child and started again with Burban in my first year. I mostly do break with a style focussed on footwork, however I dabble in other styles as well. 

If you have any questions about the society or what we do, feel free to reach out to me via my email or instagram. We are a very social society, that is all about good vibes and making everyone feel welcome, potentially even more so than dance (but we still ocassionally dance). We want everyone to feel comfortable to be themselves in BURBAN which helps create a pretty cool group of interesting individuals if I do say so myself. If this sounds compelling, come to any of our sessions and say hello!

Looking forward to the year and meeting all of you soon! <3

Secretary - Sian Casilao


Hii I’m sian!! I’m a second year Natural Sciences student and this year’s secretary :)

I’ve danced a bit for fun but never took any classes until I joined Burban. I didn’t know what to expect but it was a great decision to join!! With everyone’s help I’ve grown and learnt a lot as a dancer and want to continue doing hip hop while trying other styles this year too!

The vibes are obviously amazing and it’s a guaranteed fun time - Burban never fails to make everyone feel welcomed and everyone brings their own energy to make a lively atmosphere where anyone can chill and enjoy dancing.

Looking forward to more memories and meeting everyone this yearrr <3 

Choreo Leader - Sean Chin


Howdy I’m Sean ;). I’m a 2nd year Biology student who joined BURBAN as a fresher right at the start of the year.

I started dancing in my final years of high school doing covers and thought I’d give BURBAN a shot after coming to uni and boy oh boy did I love it. The vibe was immaculate one might say.

As a choreo leader that is what I aim to carry forward so don’t be afraid! The BURBAN peeps are literally the chillest and funniest peeps I know and all of us are there to just have fun and dance with each other.

If you ever have any questions or concerns hit me up and I’ll for sure get back to you. I look forward to what this new year brings and hope to see y’all there!

Choreo Leader - Han


Heyy, My name is Han and I’m a final year computer science and AI student. I have learned dance for quite some time under a mentor, I mostly do popping and dance battles/cyphers.

As a choreo leader, I hope to maybe teach everyone something that I am passionate about and of course I am also excited to learn from y’all! There’s no bad suggestion or idea, so don’t be afraid to give any :). 

Excited to meet and grow with everyone, hope to see y’all soon!

Treasurer - Sahil Gupta


Hello everybody! I am Sahil and I am currently a final year management student and I am the treasurer for burban this year.

Burban was the first dance society I joined in university and it was absolutely amazing. From regular classes to regular socials, every week was filled with fun events with amazing people!

Burban helped me become a better dancer as I was able to learn various styles and we hope to continue that by planning new types of sessions and events.

Hope to see everyone super soon, can't wait to dance with everyone :)

Media Manager - Ntunu Ndumari


Hiya! My name is Ntunu, a second year Physics student and I will be your media manager this year.

I have always loved dancing, albeit kind of badly, all my life and when I joined BURBAN last year it was the first time, I consistently went to dance lessons. This society has created such a warm environment to learn in that making mistakes and falling over (which I have done an embarrassing number of times) is just part of the fun.

As your media manager, I hope to bring a light to all the variety of styles our committee and members bring to the table and I am excited to learn them along with all of you. xx

Social Secretary - Hayley Kuo


Heya! This is Hayley!! I’m currently a second year biochemistry student and this year I’m Burban’s social sec! 

I started dancing regularly when I joined burban because I love the atmosphere we have! We have lots of sessions and events for you to meet new people and it’d be great to see you there!

Let’s have lots of fun together!!!

Welfare and Inclusivity Officer - Dysa Rafifah


Hiii I’m Dysa! I’m a final year Psychology student who also joined Burban as a fresher. I’ve danced on and off throughout the years but I’ve only started taking proper classes in uni. So yep I did think it was very daunting to join a dance society but only Burban can make it feel like you’re being sucked into the most welcoming and encouraging family you can never escape from :’) 

Burban has allowed me to explore and learn a variety of styles like house, locking and popping, so don't feel intimidated if you’ve never heard of these styles! Burban is a safe space for everyone to dive out of their comfort zones and just vibe to Kanye :D 

My heart ultimately belongs to hip hop (with a touch of commercial street) so if you want to obsess over Bailey Sok and YoungBeen Joo then you know who to hit up! Or if you have any general questions and want to know more about Burban then I am more than glad to have a lil chat :) 

I am beyond ecstatic to meet everyone and get ready for a year of madness!!