A Brief History of Burban

As a community, we really respect the OGs who have built and shaped the society to become what it is today. As a result, we have this page to look back on past committees, milestones, fond memories and progress throughout the years. It’s safe to say that we are really just a bunch of friends who all like dancing, so when people graduate they never really leave! We tend to stay friends4ever. 

In fact, we even have an alumni community for Burban members who have graduated: Burban DNA (dance now and always). On their insta page, you can find the oldies still posting videos, hosting online cyphers and still going strong! 

So if you’re interested, here’s a brief history of Burban:

In 2000, Sebastian Robinson (Bboy Toast) and Edward Haynes started University of Bath’s Break Society. Back then it was a hub for breakers, and since then we have branched out to different styles, resulting in the diverse set of events, lessons, people and skills that we have today!



Chair: Tommy Nguyen, Secretary: Vishal Jain, Events and Utilities Manager: Enerel Bold-Erdene, Media Manager: Sachika Subramanian, Urban Leader: Eunice Neto, Treasurer: Jasmine Blackwell, Welfare and Inclusivity Officer: Sana Chugtai