What if I’ve never danced before?

Not to worry, our society, lessons and training sessions are all beginner friendly! Most of us only started dancing at uni as well. We know dance can seem a tad intimidating sometimes but feel free to approach any of us when we're around and we'd be happy to give you some tips!


What is the difference between training sessions and lessons?

Lessons are paid sessions where an instructor will teach techniques, moves or choreography. These are more structured sessions that are perfect for people who would like to learn more or just get started in dance! Training are free and less structured sessions where a space is open for people to dance, cypher, choreograph, hangout or just work on whatever they've been working on. The setting is very casual and people can come and go as they please.


What is the difference between choreo and foundations lessons?

Choreo lessons are a lesson where a teacher will teach a choreographed piece to a song. It can be a variety of styles, including hip hop, kpop, break, house and more. It could be the teacher's original choreography or teaching someone elses. Foundations lessons are teaching the foundations of a style. So rather than a choreography, it might be showing moves, going over concepts, and typically things that help develop your overall skills as a dancer. There might be routines taught in these lessons, where the goal of the routine is to help revise the foundations taught in the lesson.


Do I need any equipment for dance?

The short answer is no not really! Just bring yourself, a bottle of water and whatever clothes you feel comfortable moving in. That being said, in terms of break, some breakers have beanies for headspins, knee/ elbow pads for protection, sliding and more. There's more about this on our 'equipment' page but you don't have to worry about this if you're just starting out- as we said everything's beginner friendly!


How often do you run events?

We usually have lessons twice a week and optional training sessions many times a week. In terms of bigger events, we perform in many shows and national university dance competitions yearly, and in the past have done exchanges with other unis, attending jams/battles and collaborated with other societies at the university. As you can see there's lots to get involved with! You can find everything we do on our BURBAN google calendar here.


What kind of socials do you do?

We’ve done karaoke, halloween parties, quiz nights, movie nights, bowling, sports and more! We typically run one big social each year, such as the BURBAN games where we run around in a park, competing with each other at obstacle courses, tug-of-war and piggy back races all while being dressed in ridiculous outfits (the last one we did was Avatar themed), or a formal dinner where everyone dressed up fancy and we went out in Bath.


Are there any freshers sharks I should be aware of?

There was Taiga, but he's not at the uni any more so you don't have to worry,  everyone else is quite friendly.