What Canoe Club is doing

Canoe club is dedicated to creating a safe, accessible and inclusive space for all its members, see below for what we are doing at the moment to ensure this:

Womens Sessions

  • We run a women-only taster session, and plan to continue these sessions into the semester, these will be led by women and be a fantastic space to meet other paddlers.
  • We aim to ensure at least one coach at each session is a woman.
  • There is also the women's Canoe polo team, which works to build teamwork and have socials on a smaller scale.
  • Each year there is a subsidised women's white water trip.

Swim tests

Currently to join the club on the water each prospective member must pass a swim test (100m and 5 minutes treading water) which the committee feels is an unnecessarily high bar to check swimming competency. We are currently looking at ways to overcome this, but in the meantime, if you have concerns about passing the swim test, please get in touch with the committee by email (SU-Canoe@bath.ac.uk)

Trip Costs

Kayaking can take you across the country (and even around the world), while the many of our offerings are free to members, most weekend trips are an additional cost.

This money is used to cover the equipment used, transport, accommodation and food, and is done at cost price. We also subsidise our trips where possible. Our cheapest trip is SWUPL (South West Polo League) which usually costs no more than £5! 

Non Drinking Events

The club offers a couple non-drinking socials each semester that draw the focus away from drinking, 

Despite Happy-Hour offering half-price pints, many choose not to drink, and you will feel no pressure from the club to do so.