UBVCC offers all of its members a range of opportunities so that they develop not just as a cricketer but as a well-rounded, more employable individual.


Anyone can train at least twice a week in our recreational training slots, which people can be flexible with. We understand people have academic and timetabling commitments so people can come and go to recreational sessions as they please even if they can only train for an hour.

If you are in one of the six squads, you will have your own team training session.

Fixtures and Competition

Members of all abilities can represent the university in a number of ways.

In the winter, there is the opportunity to represent the club in the local indoor league and a cup competition, it allows all members the chance to represent the club before the season starts.

During the spring we currently have 1 Men’s BUCS team which competes in Western 1A, a very high standard of cricket.

We also have a BUCS development team who will play a range of clubs and universities of a high standard and the potential to enter the BUCS leagues to ensure that the club continues to play a very high standard of cricket.

Our Men's 3rd, 4th and 5th XI play a range of competitive development and friendly games against other clubs and universities.

Our Women’s XI also play a range of competitive development and friendly fixtures in the local area. 

Details of games and fixtures are posted well in advance of games so you can easily plan your studying and other activities around competing for the club.


Any student is able to lead recreational sessions if they wish, either by managing them or coaching on a group or one-to-one basis. All recreational sessions are currently student-led with anyone able to contribute ideas.


There are club socials every other week at Bath CC, which are usually followed by Score - the on-campus sports night. These socials are themed and a lot of fun for all where you can get to know club members in a friendly atmosphere. Details for these are posted on the Facebook page, so make sure you follow it!

Other social events include the annual trip to the Cheltemham races and Snowball!


The UBVCC now has a discounted golf membership at Lansdown Golf Club, just on the outskirts of Bath. Joining the UBVCC will allow you to gain access to this membership deal, giving you the opportunity to join the club on Wednesday Golf Days and to pop to Lansdown whenever you fancy a round. Please contact the Chairman if you would like access to this discount. 


Every year the club holds elections to decide who will be the Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Social Secretary, Welfare & Inclusivity Officer, Women's Rep and Women's Social Secretary for the following year. These positions are open to anyone and give people a great chance to have an increased say in the running of the club, with a higher level of responsiblity and opportunities to develop a range of life skills.