Group Ride Etiquette

In order to make sure all our members are safe out on the roads we ask that everyone follows the following rules:

  • Always wear a helmet (No Helmet, No Ride.)

  • Make sure you are carrying a pump, spare inner tubes, tire levers and tools and preferably know how to use them. If you are unsure, we will be running basic bike maintenance sessions at the start of the year for beginners. Equally, feel free to ask more experienced riders who will be more than happy to help you learn. 

  • Bring lights - ‘No Lights No Ride’ (some rides will finish as it starts to get dark during the winter.)

  • Make sure you have plenty of food and water for the ride.

  • Make sure someone/ride leader is aware if you are struggling or have had a mechanical. If you need the toilet, let the ride leader know so they can either stop or slow the group down. Ask someone to wait with you, it's quicker to join back on.

  • Make sure you follow the highway code and ride either single or two-abreast where appropriate - no more than two.

  • If any rider shouts ‘single out’, riders on the right of the group should signal and drop behind the rider beside them, when safe to do so.

  • Make sure you are aware of common hand signals for cycling and be comfortable using them. Point out any hazards on the road and relay any messages through the group. These include potholes, drain covers, poor surfaces, speed bumps, parked cars, junctions or crossings, sticks or stones, stray animal etc.

  • Ride at a distance behind a rider in which you are comfortable, do not ride too close. When approaching hills, leave extra space. Many riders lose momentum when climbing out of the saddle and dropped chains are common. Only ride directly behind another rider, do not overlap wheels.

  • If riding two-abreast, ride next to a rider - no half wheeling.

  • If there is a large buildup of traffic behind the group, the ride leaders will signal to pull into a safe place to let cars to pass.

  • When on a group ride, ride as a group. If the pace isn’t fast enough, ride with a faster group. No riding off the front.

  • All rides will operate a ‘no drop’ policy. The only exception is the advanced rides. If you are on these rides make sure you are able to find your way home e.g. download the route beforehand on your phone/bike computer etc.