Group Rides

UoBCC hosts group rides for its member on Wednesday and weekends throughout term time. Information about these rides will be posted up on the club’s Facebook page, including maps on Strava so you can enjoy the ride any time you like. Note, all rides organised by the club are ‘No Helmet, No Ride’.

Wednesday Rides

During term time the club will meet outside of Chancellors’ Building at 1.30pm. Depending on the numbers of riders, there will be several groups of varying speed and distance.

Cake Ride

Perfect for those looking for a more social ride at a relaxed pace and those newer to cycling. This group will ride at the pace of the slowest rider and always features a cafe stop.

Distance: 30km

Intermediate Groups

For more experienced riders and those who are looking for a slightly longer ride. All these rides will be ‘no drop’ but please talk to one of the ride leaders if you are unsure of anything.

Avg Speed: 21-24kph (steady intermediate)

                            25-28kph (fast intermediate)

Distance: 40-50km

Advanced Ride

For strong and experienced cyclists looking for a fast training ride. Be aware group may not wait for dropped riders.

Avg Speed: >30kph

Distance: 40-50km

Due to the large number of members there will be plenty of groups for all abilities of riders.

Weekend Rides

On the weekends, during term, the club will also organise rides on the weekends. These will usually be longer rides but follow a similar format to the Wednesday Rides. Details about these rides will be posted on Facebook.

Girls Rides

On the weekends there will also be ‘Girls Rides’ for girls who may not feel as confident riding in a larger or faster group on Wednesday rides. These will be led by more experienced girls on a relaxed and social ride. This is a great opportunity for those who want to build their cycling skills, explore Bath and just enjoy being out on their bike. Girls of all abilities are welcome and there will often be a cafe stop involved.