How do I join?

If you have purchased the SU Sport Membership (£30), then you can join any of the University's 49 Sports clubs for as little as £10. It's as simple as clicking the link to the left, under Cycling Membership, that says 'Add to Basket'. Join and you can attend all our rides, socials and much much more! 

I don’t have a bike, can I still join?

Absolutely! If you email the club (su-cycling@bath.ac.uk) we can organise you borrowing an SU bike and helmet for a ride, or follow the instructions here.

There are still plenty of reasons to join if you don't want to ride outdoors - including our coached spin sessions (including women-only sessions) and regular social events.

Do I have go on the group rides?

Not at all - there's no requirement to do any riding as part of the club, but we think the group rides are one of the best ways to get involved.

Do I have to be a member to ride with the club?

For the first two weeks of term, no - come along to our taster events for free! After that, you will need a membership to participate - it's proably the best value purchase you'll make all year, at it's just £10 for the full academic year (2023/24).

I am new to cycling/not very fast/have not cycled in a group, does this matter?

No worries at all! The club is very inclusive and beginner-friendly. There are rides suitable for all abilities of rider every Wednesday and at weekends. Our spin and S&C sessions are a great way to start, as all you need to bring is yourself and a good attitude!

If I join, am I expected to race?

Of course not - we understand that everyone cycles for different reasons and racing isn't for everyone. However, if racing is your thing, there will be plenty of opportunities to race for UoBCC over the year in BUCS events and beyond, whether you’re new to racing or a national champion.

How do I get some of your awesome kit?

Thanks, we think it’s awesome too! Once you are a member, keep an eye out on the Facebook page during first semester and we'll will let you know once it’s available. When the club order is open, head to the 'Products' sectiomn on the left where you can order some.

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with any of the committee, we’d love to hear from you!