Where We Fly

The gliding club flies from a small airfield about 40mins south of Bath.  Situated on the top of a hill on the very edge of Salisbury Plain the club commands beautiful views over the Wiltshire countryside.  The view from the ground is beautiful, the view from the air is spectacular.  On a clear day at about 2500-3000ft you can clearly see both the Bristol Channel and the south coast, with famous landmarks such as Longleat and Stourhead within range of the airfield.

Our host club is BWND which formed in 1963 has 7 gliders, a winch, tug plane all based in a large hanger sat off to one side of a 1300m long grass runway.  Bordered at one end by trees and the other by open fields, the runway is one of the best grass strips in the south of England and certainly one of the smoothest.

Map showing location of the airfield just outside the village of Kingston Deverill.


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