A Typical Gliding Day

How the day runs:

The day will start at about 8:00am so remember to set your alarm clock.  A car will pick everyone up from their accommodation and take you to the club. We cannot stress enough, bring warm clothes- bring layers! Also, perhaps think about bringing two pairs of shoes: one pair of boots for the wet grass and another pair of trainers, as it's nice to have the dexterity in your feet on the rudder pedals. Sunglasses are also a must.

Once at the club expect to get stuck in. Firstly, we will get you signed up and your name put on the all important flying list.  If it is your first time flying with the club then one of the committee, or experienced club members, will give you a quick welcome talk and safety briefing (see below for more details).  Then it's out to the hanger to help set up.

We are a member's club so everyone helps with the running of things, but don't worry, we will show you what to do.  Once all the equipment is out on the field and inspected the flying will begin.  We fly by list, meaning that the order the names go down is the order that we fly, usually each person has a couple of flights, depending on the weather and flight times.  Then the next person gets a go.  When you have flown feel free to put your name back on the bottom of the list.

Your flights while training will be with a qualified instructor, with instruction being free. Hopefully on your first few flights you will be flown by either a current or former Bath club member. We typically launch the gliders on the winch, which is the cheapest way of getting airborne, however if there is not much rising air around we may need to take an aerotow to get a longer flight.

Flying continues until about 5pm in summer or (often) dusk in winter.  After flying is finished everything gets packed away and it's up to the club-house to pay.  We then either stick around for a drink in the Bar, or head back to Bath.


New Pilots

All new pilots, on arrival to the club, will receive a safety presentation about how the airfield is run and how to help out during the day. For a preview of the presentation, please click here.

You will also need to sign a membership form before you fly. If you are under 18, this requires a parent's or guardian's signature so please email the committee (su-gliding@bath.ac.uk) if this applies to you.

Please be aware that, to conform to the loading limits of the glider, you must weigh between a minimum of 98lbs / 7 stone / 44.5Kg and a maximum of 224lbs / 16 stone / 102Kg. If you approach either of these limits, please email the committee (su-gliding@bath.ac.uk) before signing up to a trip.