Trial Flights

This year we have two membership options for our members. For first time flyers, we have arranged trial days with our host club. So far, we have three dates arranged - Sunday 2nd October, Wednesday 5th October (PM) and Wednesday 12th October (PM). The Wednesday slots have two time slots - 11:15 and 13:15, to allow us to start flying by midday, whilst also giving those with 12:15 lectures an opportunity to fly. 

Prices for each trial day will cost £20, and includes a 5-15 minute (weather dependent) winch-launch flight with one of our fully qualified instructors, and transport to and from the club (1hr 30mins round trip). 

Once you have been on a trial day, you will have an opportunity to join as an annual member.

These will appear as products below. You must buy the £10 membership to be able to sign up to a trial day. 

Taster sessions are now sold out! 

If you are unable to sign up this time round, don't worry, we will be running more throughout the year!