Hey Freshers! Welcome to the University of Bath - you have your results, and now know where you're spending the next few years of your life. But what to do now? The Gliding Club is the answer! Have a look through our website to find out more about us and, if you have any questions, drop us an email at . 

What We Do

Have you ever wanted to learn to fly? The Gliding Club is all about venturing beyond into the sky. Everyone is welcome to join and take part in our flying days, online events and socials.

As a member, you can get involved in many different aspects of the sport. You can soar through the skies and take in the beautiful countryside, take part in inter-university competitions, and continue your skills training so that you can fly solo (on your own). The sky is no longer the limit!

Gliding is an affordable and fun way to get a taste of flight. The sport will teach you new skills that will take time and patience in order to master, but it’s very rewarding once you do. The club is full of kind and passionate people who enjoy aviation, the thrill of flying, and a sense of adventure.

We fly from the Bath Wilts and North Dorset Gliding Club (BWND GC) which is only 25 miles south of Bath. The club has some nice gliders, powered-gliders and offers aerotows too.

With regards to Coronavirus, unfortunately we are unable to go flying during first semester. However, we may be able to visit the airfield. There will be several activities we will be offering online:

* You will have the opportunity to access a virtual flying simulator from the comfort of your home.

* Social events such as quizzes will be online so that we can keep in touch and have a laugh.

* We will be offering theory sessions every Wednesday at 18:00 for those who want to learn more about the principles of flight.

Reasons to Join Us

Despite not being able to fully experience the thrill of flying just yet, we have virtual flight simulators you can access from anywhere you like. You can even fly from the BWND Gliding Club itself! On top of this, the theory sessions will cover a range of different topics. From the basics of flight to training routes, there will be lots for you to learn about. 

When we can go gliding, instruction is free and provided by fully qualified instructors. Flying time in two seat gliders is great value and flying time in the single seat gliders is free, you will just pay for the launch!

Whether you want to learn about aviation or fly, whether you are a complete beginner or a fully qualified pilot, everyone is welcome to join!

Further Information

Our Facebook page can be found here:

 Link to our Facebook Page

The host club that we fly at can be found here:

Further Bath Wilts and North Dorset Gliding Club Information

The British Gliding Association (responsible for all aspects of gliding UK wide) can be found here:

Further British Gliding Association Information

Information specifically about junior gliding can be found here (junior means under 26):

Further Junior Gliding Information



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