As restriction eases, we are looking forward to welcoming you back on the mat to train with us! 

But with the risk of transmission still present, to return to training as safely and responsibly as possible, there are a few protocols in place. So, we need your help in following these in order to run sessions as smoothly as possible. 


License Form

We train under the association The Jiu Jitsu Foundation (TJJF).

So, when you train with us, we will ask you to fill in and (when you have decided you want to commit) purchase a license. This is a membership to the TJJF, which means you can train in clubs affiliated with this organisation across the country (of which there are many!) and for the whole year that this license is valid for. This is also important as this gives you certain insurance covers. As this is a full-contact sport, while we do emphasise safety and do our best to prevent injuries, insurance is still essential.

Once you have filled out this online form, you will be sent a text asking you to pay. You do not have to do so until after your taster sessions and you have decided to stay with us. We do, however, ask you to fill in the form for these taster sessions, as this legally allows you to train with us.


**Returning Members**

Your licence expires after 1 year and will require renewal if you continue to train with us. When this happens, we will ask you to fill in the form again, but you will need to know your licence number, grade and the past expiry date. Once you have submitted the form, you will also get a text. Please pay through the information provided from the text.

If you don't know your details, such as licence number, message a committee member, and we will find out for you

Screening Document

While covid restriction have eased, the chances of catching and spreading the virus is still high. The TJJF, and all clubs and individuals involved have been asked to take responsibility in reducing this risk. 

As such, we ask all members to check that you:

  • Do not have symptoms of high temperature
  • Do not have a new persistent cough
  • Have not got a loss of taste or smell
  • Not been in contact with a person with suspected COVID 19 within the past 48 hours
  • No one within your household hadcovid-19 symptoms as outlined

A screening document will be live at least 2 hours prior to each session, and we ask all attending members to complete this as a confirmation that you match the above criteria. This will also act as a register so we can reach all attending members where necessary.

We will also ask you to show proof of vaccination and a negative lateral flow/PCR test prior to each session. So do remember to do a test prior to session! Otherwise, we will have to test you on the day.



Personal & Household Risk Assessment

This form aims to inform us and the TJJF who are most at risk should they contract COVID-19 by asking you to identify whether you or someone in your household is at higher risk. Please discuss with your GP and your committee to make an informed decision whether returning to Jiu Jitsu is appropriate and safe for both you and your household.