LGBT+ campaign on a number of national and local equality issues. If you’re interested in getting involved or have any questions, email 

LGBT History Month

LGBT History Month runs every year in February, and is a celebration of the achievements of the LGBT community.  It's incredibly important for us to remember the different struggles that LGBT people faced in the past, and to take some time to appreciate how far equality has come whilst looking at the issues we still face. Check out the SU LGBT+ History Month page to get involved!

Member Campaigns

There are many campaigns not listed here that the group has done previously and/or could do this year.  LGBT+ is your group, we want all of our members to have as much input as possible, and this includes what issues we campaign on.  If there are any issues close to your heart that you think we could make a difference on, then please get in touch.


We are putting together a list of petitions we would recommend signing! Follow this link to find out more and please get in touch if you want to recommend any additions.